Monday, January 27, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: Week 1 Complete and Metabolic Workout review

It's Monday.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Just wanted to let you all know that I did my Metabolic Workout!

Lets get down to it.

There are 2 of them:  Timed and Countdown.

I did the Timed one this week.

It is 15 minutes.  Yes, only 15 minutes.  Basically you do a move for 30 seconds and then you rest for 30 seconds.  And in those 30 seconds you are supposed to do as many reps of that move as humanly possible.  So be prepared to push yourself.  You an either half-ass it or go all in.  What kinds of moves you ask?

squats, squat-thrusts, lunges, kettle bell/dumbbell swings, and plank type moves to name a few.

And just so you know I went all in.  And it was a solid workout.  I was sweating, breathing hard and so thankful when it was over.  At one point during the workout she mentions that unless you give it all you got, you won't get all the results you want.

And that was the push I needed.  Because I want results!

There is also a warm-up and foam roll workout included but I did things a little differently.  I did my own standard warm-up and then I chose to do the foam roll AFTER the metabolic workout because there is no cool-down.  BTW, the foam roll is only 5 minutes or so.  I will definitely be adding the foam roll to my cool down from now on.  If you don't have a foam roller, go get one.  I happened to have one from my trek to physical therapy last year.  I believe it was around $20 or so.  I also have a rumble roller but I will definitely be using the foam roller for this one. 

And look here, below is the kind of I have and it's only $15.  Got to love Amazon.

White Foam Roller 6x36 Round

There you have it folks, that's week 1.

And today starts week #2.

Good times.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: Week 1/ Whole30 Day 23

Happy Friday everyone!

So I went to my back guy last Friday and it was painful indeed.  But necessary painful.  Seriously, the guy is my savior.  Whatever he did put me smack dab back on the road to recovery.  As for working out, he had me wait a few days and then said I could start my program.

So I did.

Day 1:  Monday, January 20th, 2014

Let me start with some info on the program.  There are 3 phases each lasting 4 weeks.   Weeks 1-4 are Phase 1, weeks 5-8 are Phase 2, and weeks 9-12 are Phase 3.

I'm on Phase 1.

Each phase consists of a Strength 1 workout,  a Strength 2 workout, and Metabolic workout.  So as you can imagine the strength workouts are for lifting and the metabolic workout is for getting that heart rate up!  Each week you are to do 3 lifting workouts (alternating between Strength 1 and Strength 2) and 1 cardio workout. 

This week I have done both Strength 1 and Strength 2 for Phase 1.

Strength 1 workout:

equipment:  dumbbells (I used 8 pounds)

I have to admit something first.  As with any new workout DVD, I usually sit down and scrub thru it first to see what I'm getting myself into.  I want to see what the moves look like and what kind of equipment I need to get out before I start.  And as I sat watching this workout I was doubtful.  I thought it looked a little tame compared to some other stuff I have done.  However, I was surprised when I actually did the workout.  It was hard.  Full disclosure:  I haven't worked out in some time and I did take that into consideration but still, I was pleased that even though I am a little out of shape, it still packed a punch.

Anyway, the strength workouts actually come with 3 sections:  Foam Rolling, Warm-Up, and the actual Workout.  You're supposed to do all 3 combined which equals to well over an hour of workout time.  For my first day of strength training (Strength 1) I just did the Warm-up and the Workout which came in just under 60 minutes.  The workout consists of usually 3 sets of different strength moves which you do circuit style with 60 second rests in between.  And then for the last few minutes you'll do a few circuits of hard cardio (think HIIT).  And that's it.  It's really straightforward.  (Examples of moves:  squats, step-ups, shoulder presses, rows, planks, combination of any of these) Some of the moves are difficult but if you work out enough, you'll know how to modify them but some of them I just suffered thru (hello plank twisty moves, I'm talking to you).  But by the end, I was sweating, my limbs were tired, and I felt like I got in a good workout. 

Strength 2 workout:

equipment:  dumbbells (8 pounds), high step or bench

So when it was time to do Strength 2, I opted only for the Workout portion and just did a little warm-up first on my own.  The workout was around 38 minutes.  Again, it was circuit style with 60 second rests in between.  And I was pleased with this workout as well.  She does a lot of moves where you get a lot of bang for you buck.  You know, compound moves (example:  reverse lunge with a one arm row thrown in).  So while you're doing one exercise, you're usually working out quite a few areas.   Again, a good workout.

I will be doing the metabolic workout this weekend so I will check back in with my review on that.

On Day 1 I did as the program asked and took pics of myself in a "goal" outfit (jeans).  I went so far as to take pics of myself in 3 different pairs of jeans.  I put on a size 10, 12, and 14.  The 14s are what I'm currently wearing but I could stand for them to be a little loser in the thigh and waist area.  I just want as much info as possible for when it's results time.  I also took a pic of myself in a too tight workout outfit.  I figure, why not?

I also got my starting weight. 

I have 3 weeks until I am supposed to do another jeans check and then I'll take more pics and post everything for the world to see.

Now, about that Whole30.  I don't know why but this time I'm loving it.  Honestly.  And because I took my starting weight for the Drop 2 Sizes, I can tell you that I am down almost 7 pounds.  Nice, right?  But honestly, I feel amazing.  Here's the thing, I ABSOLUTELY have a problem with gluten and dairy and soy.  And wouldn't you know, when I don't eat them I feel awesome.  Especially gluten.  Gluten is enemy #1 for me.  Yet, it still shocks me how good I feel when I don't eat them.  And then what baffles me more is when I convince myself that it's ok to indulge in them and then am completely beside myself when I start feeling horrific.  The only explanation I can come up with as to why I do that is I'm insane.  So even though my 30 days is up in a week, I'm going to continue to do my best to keep them out.  I'm looking at you gluten.   I don't want to put a label on how I'll be eating.  I just know there will be certain things that will NOT be consumed by yours truly.   

As for my Whole30 results when the time comes:  I'm a little disappointed in myself because my "data" for my Whole30 is all sorts of messed up.  When I started I couldn't find my "official" measuring tape so I used a really old one that I've had forever.  I ended up finding my "official" tape but now I cannot find the other one anywhere.  And the one I used to take my measurements is so off from my "official" tape it makes my starting measurements obsolete.  And on top of that, I forgot to take starting photos.  Just completely slipped my mind.  Oh well.

That's enough rambling for today.

Carry on.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: Week 1? / Whole30 Day #14


Week 1?

Didn't you just write that?

I did and guess what?  I started and promptly stopped.  Couple things happened.

I got hired again to produce another shoot.  I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW.  I can't help it.  Apparently I love being overly worked and overly stressed.  It's a problem.

But more importantly I stopped because my back went out .  I've been dealing w/ a bad back since I was a teenager.  I went to my "back guy" last week and have another appointment on Friday.  And the fact is, the older I get the longer it takes to get right.  I have a compressed spine and my rhomboids are frozen causing one of my shoulders to not rotate properly.  I'm not sure what that means but that's the official word on the street.  All of this is causing severe back and neck pain.  And on bad days, my ribs ache so bad I can't breathe.

Good times.

I've been working on it for just about a week now and I'm making progress.  So once again I say.

Drop 2 Sizes:  Week 1 (coming soon!)

I want to start this coming Saturday.  I have my next appointment this Friday so I'll get a little more information on where I'm at with my muscles.  And barring him telling me to wait another week, I'm starting Saturday.

And if I can't, then I can't.  But I WILL start.

So I might not be able to lift any weights but I am still doing my Whole30.  I never really got the chance to write a follow up to my last Whole30.  Man, I was angry with that thing.  So very angry.  I wanted to write another post after my anger subsided but I never did.  I'm not going to do it now but the short of it is, I learned a lot.  I learned that 30 days was probably not enough for me.  I realized after my last Whole30 ended that I did indeed feel like my body changed.  So after much deliberation I decided to try it again.  And I'm considering trying it for longer.  I'd like to maybe try for a Whole60.  I'd LIKE to try.  For now, I'm going to concentrate on finishing a Whole30.

I'm on Day #14 and so far so good.  I weighed myself on Day #1 and I keep getting on the scale so today I had my fiance hide it.  I want to stop weighing myself so much.  I did forget to take Day #1 measurements so I did it Monday night but  I'm not checking anything again until it's over.

What I'm eating:

Breakfast is usually eggs and bacon or a breakfast casserole.  Lunch is usually some sort of hearty soup or stew.  And dinner so far has been protein and vegetables prepared different ways.

This week it's eggs for breakfast, a vegetable soup/stew for lunch, and pot roast and vegetables with au jus for dinner.  If I need an "in between", it's nuts.  I am limiting my fruit consumption.  I mainly stick to berries if any at all.  So far I've only eaten fruit twice.  During my last Whole30 I ate A LOT of fruit.  Mainly watermelon.  I love watermelon.  So much.  But I think I was using it to replace my sugar so I'm trying not to do that this time.  I am doing one thing differently this time.  I'm not banning white potatoes out right.  I switch back and forth between white and sweet and don't center meals around either.  After our last Whole30, I couldn't stomach the thought of another sweet potato and neither could my fiance.  So we decided together to make this exception.

I'll let you know how my Friday appointment goes.  But until then, be good and eat your vegetables.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: Week 1

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season.  I sure did.  I took some time off of work, hung out with friends, opened some presents, talked with family, and did a lot of nothing.

It was a good time.

But, like I promised.  I'm beginning the Drop 2 Sizes DVD/book program today.

Here's the short of it:

It's a 12 week program that aims at just getting you to lose 2 jeans sizes.  There's no focus on scale weight at all.  In fact, the author, Rachel Cosgrove, suggests you not even look at the scale which I'm going to try to do!

It's 3 days of strength training and at least 1 day of metabolic training per week with lots of healthy eating.  The book has daily menus that you can either follow or use as a guide.  It's nothing too out of the ordinary.  (I'll be using the daily menus as a guide because I also committed to another Whole30 during the first 30 days.  So it's Day #1 for both.  Just thought I'd sneak that bit of info in there ;)

Whether you follow the diet provided to a "T" is up to you.  But remember, food choice is important.  There's no doubt about that.  And the author suggests following her protocol 90% of the time in order to see results.

What is protocol you ask?

Here are the rules:
1.  Eat breakfast FIRST THING, then every 3-4 hours.
2.  Eat a high quality protein with each meal.
3.  WHOLE FOODS.  No processed food.
4.  Drink your water folks.  She recommends 64oz.
5.  Take a multi-vitamin, omega 3, and vitamin D supplement.
6.  Drink a recovery shake before, during, or after your workout.
7.  TWO servings of vegetables at each meal.
8.  Do this 90% of the time.

Seems pretty straight forward right?

So here we are at Week #1/Day #1 and the book suggests we focus on mind-set this week.  So, I will be trying to keep all the negative thoughts out of my head for this week.  You know, not saying things like "I can't".  Seems like such a small thing but I've read good research that indicates it's pretty powerful stuff.  So, worth a try in my book.

Today is also my first "jeans check".  That means tonight, I'll be slipping on my pair of GOAL jeans and taking a lovely picture.  (These checks are scheduled every 3 weeks).   I'll also be taking my official starting measurements. 

And then finally, tonight is my first workout.  I'm a little apprehensive.  Only because it has honestly been some time since I've done a proper strength training workout and I'm pretty sure my muscles are going to be aching tomorrow!!  Oh the joy :)

Today's Menu:
B:  breakfast casserole (eggs, bacon, vegetables, more vegetables, a little more vegetables and some coconut milk)
S:  almonds
L:  roasted butternut squash soup
D:  roasted ham, broccoli, and green beans
R:  recovery drink (pea rice protein, almond milk, frozen fruit) - probably be having this during or after my workout.

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