Friday, June 27, 2014

Test Results and a Drop 2 Sizes Reboot

Hello world.

I got my test results back yesterday.  My thyroid numbers aren't moving so my dose is getting doubled.  I actually was expecting that to happen so it wasn't a shock.  I also found out that I am low in Vitamin D.  Like really low.  I thought that living in Southern California would have given me an edge with all the sunshine but alas, no.  So I'm also on a large dose of that.

I'm hoping that with getting my Vitamin D levels up my energy will also come back up because that would be super awesome.  I started supplementing with Vitamin D just under 2 weeks ago and I had noticed that my energy was slightly improved during my workouts.  Enough so that I actually WANTED to do them.  Maybe wanted is too strong of a word :)

 My doctor threw the Vitamin D test onto my blood work late last week to see where I was at and I'm so glad she did.  I'm not positive that's what caused the improvement in my energy but if it gets even better I'll be thrilled.

I'll keep you posted.

I also I told you all that I would try to revisit the Drop 2 Sizes challenge and I finally did.

Actually, I'm in the last half of phase 2 right now.  I started it about 6 weeks ago.  So you lucky folk will get to see what kind of results someone with hypothyroidism, fatigued adrenals, wonky female hormones AND low levels of Vitamin D will get :)

All I know is that if I get ANY sort of results, then all you normal people out there should be getting MAD results :)

And yes, I did lose inches at the end of phase 1.

I, of course, will post the numerical results when they come in.  I have just under 6 weeks to go I believe.

How is it going this time?

Much better.  The first time I attempted it, I was frustrated with the LACK of exercise.  But since then and the fallout of my energy and ensuing medical discoveries, lack of exercise is apparently what I needed.  Having to maintain 4 days a week of exercise was actually the absolute maximum I could handle.  In fact, there were at least 2 weeks that I could only handle 3 days.  But I am hopeful that with each week that passes I will gain more energy and will be able to add more days a week.  I really can't wait to feel like my old self again.

I'm not weighing myself at all.  The program tells you not to anyway.  Usually I cheat but I seriously have no desire to do so this time around.  I'm only taking measurements at the end of each phase.

I'm also not really following the food program outlined in her book.  I am on a strict gluten free diet (doctors orders due to thyroid) and besides, I feel pretty confident in my food choices.  I'm also still under doctors orders to keep calories between 1500 and 1700.  I personally prefer to err on the lower side of that but I don't always.  (She did a "body scan" thing with some machine in her office and calculated my calorie requirements based off my lean body mass.  The machine calculated me at a higher intake but she lowered it due to the hypothyroidism.)

And that's it for today kiddos.  Have a great weekend :)

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