Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Turkey trot completed! I went to bed last night a little pessimistic. I was tired and just DID NOT FEEL LIKE RUNNING. But I sprung out of bed this morning nervous and excited for my 5k. It was freezing outside. Well, freezing by Southern California standards. A cool, breezy 40 degrees.

I ran this particular race by myself but I had a lovely cheering section. My boyfriend and my pup stood on the sidelines clapping for me. It was a nice run. There were hills which I really did not expect. Very long, gradual hills that go on for what seem like miles. I did better than I expected overall. I only walked for about twenty seconds when I hit the 2 mile marker. I don't even really know why I stopped I just did and then before I knew it I was running again. Oh yeah, and I did walk one more time at the peak of a hill for a bit to catch my breath before the long, long stretch to the finish line. I don't know my official time as we were chipped and it took me some time to cross the timing mat but I'm thinking between 36-37 minutes. It's slower than my usual pace but I'm very pleased all things considered. My foot held up too! It started aching halfway through, but honestly, other things started hurting worse so I just ignored it :)

I am VERY happy that I signed up and even more ecstatic that I finished. I was a bit disappointed that I knew I was going to have to walk because I knew I wasn't back up to my 5k standards - also I'm very competitive that way but none of it mattered as soon as I was out there. This was also the first race I've done completely solo so it was nice to know that I can do it on my own. Actually, I made a running buddy at the last third of the race. This woman had been right in front of me the whole time and then we hit the final stretch and she started walking. So, I sidled up next to her as I was passing her and told her to "come on!" - we ran the last stretch together and right when we hit the final portion I encouraged her to go faster and sprint. She met her family at the finish line and I told her good race and she was very thankful for the encouragement. I always appreciate when people tell me I can do it so when I'm out there that's what I try to do for others who look like they're struggling. Cause lets face it, running is rough!

Now, I sit on my couch, turkey in the oven and I'm starving. I put up a good fight this morning and now I can't wait for my special dinner.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

PS: So, today was the end of my 30 day no scale challenge. I forgot to get my boyfriend to unhide the scale before we left for the race so since I want to weigh myself in the morning as usual, I guess it's going to be my 31 day challenge :) Update tomorrow!

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