Monday, November 15, 2010

Shhh, I'm hiding

Not really. I just haven't been in a writing or sharing kind of mood. It's the time change. i do this every year and every year i wonder what is wrong with me. And then every year I figure it out. It's the time change.

So, I have to make sure I get plenty of sunshine, exercise and most importantly sleep.

I have 10 days left of my no-scale challenge. In 10 days I get to get back on my scale. But what I've discovered from my challenge is that after I get on my scale, I'm going to hand it back to my boyfriend so that it can go back into hiding. That's right, I've THOROUGHLY enjoyed my scale free month. I had a couple of days where I felt lighter than air and I enjoyed every moment of them. Who knows what I would have felt like that day if I had jumped on the scale and seen a gain. Also, I will be honest, there were a few days where I indulged and it was nice not to have to face the number the next day.

That all being said, I will address one major concern I have. What if I get on the scale and I show a gain - I mean a significant gain. Is that a sign that I'm retaining water (which folks, unfortunately, the day I'm supposed to hop on the scale IS prime time for that BOO!) or is it a message that I need to tighten up the reins. Sometimes those daily or weekly weigh ins did serve as a nice indicator of how things were moving.

Definitely things to consider. However, I'm pretty definite I will NOT be going back to daily weigh ins and probably not even weekly. I think I will either incorporate 2 week or 30 day weigh-ins. I just love not weighing myself too much. Oh yes, and I ALWAYS forget that I can measure myself. I have the numbers documented I just never remember to follow up. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Also, I'm kind of trying to forget but it's 10 days til my 5k. I'm super not excited about this one. I previously wrote that I started with running again. It really didn't last long. The pain in my foot just increased too much to feel like I was doing the right thing by pushing it. I will be completing the race most definitely but I will not be running the whole thing. A disappointment? Definitely, but hey, life goes on.


  1. It took me a week to get used to the time change, actually a little more because I'm still recovering. So yeah, I hate it and I can understand why you're hiding. Boo for foot pain. At least you'll race and finish but I hope your foot will heal so you can get back into the swing of things.

  2. thanks! glad to know someone else out there is affected.

    and thanks for the positive thoughts about my foot - i need all the help i can get!


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