Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Don't you think everyone should just get today off?  I mean, this special day only comes once every 4 years!

So, I have to be honest about my progress for February.  If you look at my numbers you'd think that it was just not a very successful month for me.  However, I am glad that I've had this month because a few things have happened that I'm really happy about.

First, the numbers.  As of this this morning, I am down a total of 0.3 pounds for the month.  Like I said, that looks kind of depressing seeing as how I wanted more than anything to beat my January number.  You see, after the first week of February, I started gaining.  And I continued gaining until around February 17th when I finally stopped myself and said "this is NOT working".  I was up 1.3 pounds and needed that to stop instantly.

So I finally did something I'd been planning on doing for a few months now.  I started writing.  I wrote down all my goals, why I wanted my goals (serious reasons not just the "look good in clothes" reason), I wrote down ways I sabotage myself, I wrote down ways I could positively reinforce myself (you know, positive self-talk), I wrote down ways to curb negative reinforcements, I wrote down possible obstacles, I wrote down how to handle people who inadvertently sabotage, I wrote down strategies to deal with urges, I wrote down a mantra, I wrote down ways to visualize my success, I wrote down who I would specifically talk to if I needed help,  and I wrote down EXACTLY what I was going to do if something went wrong and I started failing. 

I wrote down a lot.

I sat on my couch for hours writing all this down.  And after I got thru the list of specifics that I wanted to write, I wrote down rewards.

I figured, why not?

So I made a huge list of specific weight amounts and what I could give myself if I made it.  We're talking a magazine or lip gloss kind of rewards.  Fun stuff that I don't always allow myself to indulge in.

And that's it.  I didn't make some crazy eating or exercise plan.   I just wrote.  I read something a long time ago about the power of writing stuff down.

And I read it every now and then as a reminder of what I'm doing.

Anyway, after that day I followed what I wrote.  For instance, I've asked my boyfriend or best friend to encourage me to make good choices.  I've made sure to take an extra snack to work to eat at the end of the day so I don't go home STARVING and end up ordering pizza or something unhealthy.  When I go on my walks I repeat my goals and my mantra to myself and all that positive self talk.  I just constantly remind myself of what I'm doing.

And while it's not a miracle cure to the hard work that is required it's really helped with my motivation.  So since that February 17th, I've lost .. gasp..  1.3 pounds.


Another awesome thing that I figured out this month is a balance with my eating.  I've kind of figured out how many calories (you know, give or take 50-100) that I need to eat at to see weight loss.  This is HUGE for me.  The only reason I figured it out is because of my diligent record keeping and my daily weigh-ins with the moving average figure.  Seriously, I've posted before and I'll post again, using the moving average is one of the best things I've started to do just in terms of information.

I've also given myself permission to not beat myself up at the gym.  I've always been of the mind set that if I'm not sweating profusely and breathing heavily then it does me no good.  So I let myself off the hook and downed my intensity BUT upped my total minutes.  So, instead of going to the gym for 35 minutes of sprint intervals, I go on a 60 minute walk (not strolling on a flat surface kind of walk mind you - a hilly, walking fast but doable walk).  I find I stress out about doing my walks much less and it gets me outside because we've been having the most AMAZING weather out here.

Another thing that I want to work towards is strength training.  I know the benefits, I know how good it is for me, and I will eventually do it.  However, for whatever reason I can't stand it.  But I'm not going to stress about forcing myself to do it.  Trust me, I have enough stress in my life at this moment.  

 And that's it.  That's my February thus far.  I guess my actual end of the month weight will be tomorrow so I'll record it then but overall I'm really happy with this month for ... mental reasons I guess.

Today's Menu:

B:  protein shake
S:  Cottage cheese, tangerine
L:  chicken salad with whole grain crackers, side salad with light dressing

Perhaps I'll have the vegetarian chili I just made -- it's pretty good.  

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