Friday, August 10, 2012

p90x - Weekly Weigh In

I didn't get all of my workouts this week, but I've been so busy that I've been moving and shaking like it's my job so I think it all balanced out.  I got in 4 of my workouts.  3 were strictly cardio and the 4th was what I call my Super Saturday Workout.  Which is odd because I do it on Sunday.  I honestly don't know how that name came about.  In any case, it's a full upper body, lower body AND cardio workout so it usually lasts a couple of hours and burns some really insane calories.  I really, really wanted to get another day of strength training in but I'm happy nonetheless.

I lost another 1.2 pounds.  YEAH!!!  Apparently my body is just stuck on that number because that's 3 weeks in a row but you'll get no complaints from me.

As for inches, as of this morning another inch is gone from my waist and a half inch from my ribs.  I only got in those 2 quick measurements because I was running late for work.  I'm hoping to do another chart soon because the visual reminder is a great motivator.  I'll try to make that a weekend project.

I'm telling you, calories are the KEY.  I've been hitting my target EVERY WEEK and I'm finally having success.  The hard part is just finding your own individual calorie target!

Here's to another great week!

Today's Menu:

B:  Breakfast Burrito
S:  Apple
L:  Wild Salmon + Mint/Yogurt Sauce + Orzo
D:  I'm unfortunately out of food but I'm hoping for a salad of some sort.  It's too hot out to cook!!!

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