Monday, August 6, 2012

Continued p90x Weight Loss Results

I've had 2 weigh-ins since last I posted so lets get to that first.  My first weigh-in, I was down 1.2 pounds and my second weigh-in, I was down 1.2 pounds!

Words cannot explain how happy I am with these results.  If you've been following my p90x saga, you'll notice that I didn't do too well with any weight loss.  It seems the secret is simply counting calories and eating less.  I have been pretty strict with my caloric intake and extremely strict with my exercise.  I'm working out 6 days a week with double workouts occasionally.  I did start back with my strength training 2 weeks ago and so far so good.  Both upper and lower body did well.  I am NOT doing push-ups because I don't think I'm ready for that stress on my elbow yet.

I'm still on board with p90x but with a few tweaks.  Simply put, when the p90x schedule has me doing cardiox, kenpox, or core conditioning, I do some sort of cardio:  biking, running, swimming, walking, or one of the aforementioned videos.  And when p90x has me doing legs and back, I do ... well, legs and back cause it's an amazing workout.  And when they have me do an upper body workout I do an upper body workout of my own or one from p90x.  It all just depends if I feel like being indoors or not.

I've realized that p90x isn't some magic weight loss/get in shape system.  p90x is just one of many really great workout schedules/systems.  The magic happens when you actually put in the time and effort AND count your calories (eat less).  The working out is incredibly important but what really seals the deal is figuring out how many calories it takes to lose weight and I, hopefully, have figured that part out.

I still need to take some measurements so I will TRY to get to that tonight.

Today's menu:

B:  Rostini with Egg + Coffee + Creamer
L:  Cod + Ratatouille + Wild Rice
S:  Apple
D:  maybe a burrito?  I really have no idea.

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