Friday, September 28, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 2

I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 1.8 pounds!

And this is my progress to date: (I started WW on September 14th)
Day Wi     Dif    Ch Rb Wst Bb Hp Th Kn
35 41 42.5 46 26.25 19
6-Jul-12 93
13-Jul-12 89.2 -3.8
20-Jul-12 88.6 -0.6
27-Jul-12 87.4 -1.2
3-Aug-12 86.2 -1.2
10-Aug-12 85 -1.2
17-Aug-12 85.8 0.8
24-Aug-12 84 -1.8 42 34 34.5 43 26 18.75
31-Aug-12 87.8 3.8
7-Sep-12 86.2 -1.6
14-Sep-12 88.2 2
21-Sep-12 85.4 -2.8
28-Sep-12 83.6 -1.8

And how do you read this lovely chart?  So glad you asked.  Wi = my Weigh In and I don't know why but I've always written my weight minus the 1 so the 93 = 193.  Dif = the difference in weight from one week to the next.  The rest of the columns are my measurements.  Ch = Chest, Rb = Rib, Wst = Waist, Bb = Belly Button, Hp = Hip, Th = Thigh, Kn = Knee.

I need to take updated measurements.  I did it a couple of days ago but to be honest, it was halfhearted and I try to be really particular when I do it for more accurate readings.  Also, the measurements at the top without any date are my starting measurements from my first day of p90x back around Feb/March.

And when I entered my new weight into Weight Watchers I got a lovely message that my daily points value has gone down.  I'm now rocking 26 daily points to be used with my weekly anytime 49 points.

And now I have to go redo my menu for next week because it was based around my previous daily point value of 27.

Good times.

And since it is Friday, that means I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for my menu today!

Today's Menu:

B:  2 eggs + 2 slices reduced calorie bread + Coffee/Cream/Sugar
L:  Tomato Bisque (my recipe) + orange + cheese sandwich
D:  I haven't completely decided but I have some produce I need to use up so some sort of salad will be involved.

Or maybe a vegetable soup!

Or maybe some sort of vegetable pasta sauce over whole wheat noodles!

And since it is a new week here are my goals:
Strength Train TWO DAYS: 1 upper, 1 lower
Earn at least TWENTY Activity Points (for me 20 = 2000 calories burned)
Drink my water PARTICULARLY on Saturday and Sunday (which I did last weekend.  Yeah me!)

My family is coming to visit me next week.  I had originally intended to be in the 179s by the time they got here (actually 179.8 because my scale reads in 0.2 pound increments).   As of today, I am about 4 pounds from that goal (3.8 to be exact).  I have never lost 4 pounds in a week.  Do I think it's possible to do?  Maybe.  I have enough to lose that it wouldn't be unheard of if I pulled a 4 pounder.  What am I gonna do?  I'm going to go for it!  I'm going to eat as clean as possible, workout as efficiently as I can, drink my water, and stay positive.  And that's all I can do.  And come next Friday whether I have a 4 pound loss or ANY loss or even .. ugh ... a gain ... well, then I shouldn't feel bad because I'll have done all I can do.



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