Friday, January 11, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 17

It's freezing in Los Angeles today.  My hands are cold and numb.

  I had a great week.  I ate properly every.  single.  day.  Yes, that's correct.  Not one day of improper eating.  And you know what?  It wasn't horrible.  It wasn't even that difficult.  I had a few moments where a commercial would catch my eye and I'd think "wow, that looks good"  but other than that,  nothing.  I think the key to eating healthy is eating well.  What I mean is don't just steam some veggies and grill some chicken.  Make something delicious.  Oh and add some HEALTHY fat because that really helps. 

Weigh In:  -2.6 lbs

Now for the stats:

Weekly Goals:
1.  I earned 4 AP.  Yeah, I only worked out twice last week.  I went on two walks on my lunch break during the week.  I didn't want to overwhelm myself by completely changing my diet AND jump back into full time working out so I chose to concentrate on my diet this week.  I figured if I workout, I workout, if I don't then I don't.  Also, I HATE going to the gym this time of year.  All of the new members who join make things extra crowded and crazy.  And the wait times  ... ugh.  It's usually back to normal by the end of February.  You know, because they all quit.  I'll eventually suck
it up and go but I may start working out at home until it slows down.  I really need to start it up again, I can tell my muscles are leaving me. 

2.  I ate 235 points total for the week.  I didn't have any high point days just pretty much ate around 32 points each day.

3.  My water intake was pretty bad.  I actually got a few headaches because I was dehydrated.  I don't know why I'm doing so bad with my water.  I'm really trying to pick it up so maybe this week will be good.

4.  I ate only whole foods.  If it wasn't a fruit, a vegetable,  protein, some olive/coconut oil, coconut milk, pea rice protein, hemp seeds, brown rice, tree nuts, beans, a spice or herb or a combination of these things, then I didn't eat it.  I made almost everything I ate.  I know it sounds time consuming but really, I usually spend one weekend afternoon cooking and cooking and cooking and then I package everything nice and ready to go for the week.  That way, I grab and go.  Also, I think this one little fact is the reason for my success this week.  I don't have any real scientific proof to back that up ... but ... it makes sense.  In any case, we'll see how this next week goes because I'm doing the same thing.

Also in other great news...
I ran out of clean "big girl" jeans this morning.  You know, the jeans that you have to default to when you gain a few pounds .. big girl jeans.  Anyway, the only jeans I had clean were my "regular girl" jeans and I was rushing for work so I threw them on.  They fit.  Not perfectly, but they fit.

Thank God.

Today's Menu:

B:  smoothie:  coconut milk, blackberries, pea rice protein, hemp seeds **
L:  chicken and vegetable soup + apple + almond butter
D:  roasted chicken lettuce wraps + leftover roasted veggies + sweet potato fries

** i will probably have some coffee or green tea w/ coconut milk mid morning

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