Thursday, January 31, 2013


This week has gone really well eating wise.  I really think it gets easier to "keep it clean" as time goes by.

I remember the first couple of days of changing my eating and I'd see commercials for all sorts of food and treats on the tv.  And I'll admit, I'd look at them and think "yum!".  These days, I look at them and all I can think is "they can't find a way to make the food look more appetizing?".  That's it.  I think McDonald's, in particular, needs to do something to make their television commercials show the food in a more appealing way.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm well aware that the food tastes awesome.  It's just that the mere sight of these foods really doesn't bother me or tempt me anymore.  You know, I've heard people say this before.  In fact, I have a friend who, years ago, changed their way of eating and in the event they HAVE to eat fast food they like to say "I can totally taste all the chemicals.  It doesn't even taste like real food".  Yeah, I don't ever think that I'll be that person.  I may be eating clean but I will be the first to say "YES, it tastes phenomenal".

Yesterday marked my 28th day of ... I don't know what to call it.  My new life?  My way of eating?  My foray into the world of whole foods?  My experiment???  I guess I'll just call it change.

Yesterday marked my 28th day of change (it'll do for now).  That means for 4 weeks solid I have kept to my guns about eating more healthily.  They say it only takes 21 days to make a habit, but I think I'm going to give it another couple of weeks before I test out whether I really do have a habit or not ;)

I will say that for the first time in a long time I feel like I have more control over food and eating.  Over my choices, my appetite, my hunger all those good things.  In fact, I even had a dream last night about it.  I dreamt I was at work and a co-worker came by my desk offering up cupcakes for their birthday.  I took one, said thank you and then discretely threw it away.  However, I do remember another co-worker standing to the side laughing at me because he knows I'm not eating those kinds of things these days.   But that just made the dream even more realistic because that would really happen.  The point is, even in my DREAMS, I'm handling things.  I think that's a good sign.

In other news ...

I went to the orthopedist on Monday.  I didn't get a direct answer (do you ever?) however, I did get a referral to get an MRI.  UGH.  Yup, I have myself an appointment this coming Monday to have an MRI on my cervical spine (neck).  He thinks all of my problems are stemming from my neck.  I don't know about you but that doesn't sound so good to me.  Hopefully everything will be ok.  He didn't say anything about me not working out but honestly, I didn't ask him.  I was trying to process what he was saying.  I figure he would have said something if I'm not supposed to since I DID tell him that I first got the pain FROM working out and that I had CONTINUED to do cardio since that time.

I don't know.  I want to go to the gym but I'm seriously hyper-focused on my neck right now.  Every time it creaks or aches or I move my head around I can't help but think something is wrong and I'm destroying my spine and my head will pop off.  I'm such a hypochondriac. 

Today's Menu:
B:  Blueberries + Pea Rice Protein (vanilla) + Coconut Milk = smoothie
L:  Chunky Tomato Bisque with Shrimp
D:  Cheeseburger + awesome lettuce bun + caramelized onions + fixins + oven fries

PS:  I took half of a muscle relaxer last night before bedtime.  I got them for my neck - they make me pass out AND hallucinate!  I woke up in the middle of the night and looked around my room to see tv web cams everywhere.  And I sat up in bed and thought "aw man, they're all watching me again" and I reached around to make sure my PJs were covering everything.  And then I looked up at the ceiling to see plastic animal-like things scurry along the ceiling.

You'd think these things would terrify me but apparently it was business as usual in my head so I went back to sleep.

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