Friday, November 22, 2013

Drop Two Sizes!!

Did that get anybodies attention because it certainly got mine!

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Browsing the web over the years and reading pretty much everything I can about eating right, exercising, and losing weight, I've seen my fair share of programs, books and stuff.

So when I opened my email a couple of weeks ago and that was in the subject line, I dismissed it initially.  And then I immediately went back and clicked on it because darn it, who doesn't want to lose 2 sizes right?

It was an offer to try a workout program.  I usually don't go for these things and then I saw who's program it was.  You may not have heard of her but I have.  Her name is Rachel Cosgrove and over the years I've read a lot about her.  And honestly, it's all mostly good stuff.  I even already own a book that her husband (who is also in the health and fitness industry) co-wrote called The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Anyway, long story short, I received it yesterday.

What is it?  Well, there is a book and there are DVDs.  It's basically just a workout program.  Nothing too crazy.  It focuses on primarily on strength training with some metabolic training thrown in.  It's so close to what I do I thought:  Why not?

Now about that two sizes thing.  Apparently Rachel and her husband own a gym just north of Los Angeles and they have a "Rock Your Jeans" challenge at their gym.  I believe it started out as an 8 week program to help women fit into their "skinny" jeans and what she found was that usually after about 8 weeks, all of the women were losing around 2 sizes.  So since they had such great success with this challenge, she decided to package it up and sell it.  Now, I'm not too fond of the Drop Two Sizes title ONLY because it sounds like one of those scam programs, but otherwise, I'm really excited to start this up.

The program is in 3 phases that last 4 weeks each.  You do 3 strength workouts and 1 cardio workout per week.  The book is not included but I downloaded it thru amazon just to have.  The book actually has the workouts in it as well but I love me some DVDs so I decided to only do the workouts with them.  The book also has a meal plan which looks pretty simple and doable.  Again, it's all really good, simple information so that's nice.  I just needed new workout ideas.

Oh yeah, I also needed to drop 2 sizes so there's that.

So this will be my new workout adventure.

When am I starting?


I'm producing a photo shoot for a magazine right now and I'm right in the thick of it so I think I might start this Sunday or Monday.  So get ready for some new pics, measurements, and all that jazz.

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