Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Week ??

I can't believe a it's been about a month and a half since my last recorded weigh in.

Seriously, it felt like one week.  I was a little flabbergasted when I looked at the calendar and I realized I was many, many weeks behind.

Anyway, while I've been gone, it has been both good and bad.

First the bad.

Cause that's how I roll.

Shortly after my last post, I had a few gains and a few losses.  Then another gain.  And another.  And then I'd maintain and then I'd gain more.  And as of my last weigh-in (last Friday) I stood on the scale and accepted my fate.  I weighed my highest weight in 6 years.  And I wasn't shocked at all.   My eating habits during the last month and a half were clearly not in alignment with losing so I am happy I don't weigh more.   And let me be clear, when I say my highest weight in 6 years, it's only 6 pounds more than what I weighed in January of 2013.  But it's a big deal to me.

And now the really bad news, though I weigh just a few pounds more than I did even in September, the jeans that fit me back in September most definitely do not fit now.  That tells me something very important.  I've lost muscle and gained fat.  A lot of fat.  You know how you can't trust the scale to tell you when you have a true loss?  Well, you can't trust it to keep you on track with a true gain.  I might have only gained 6 pounds of scale weight, but the inches I gained around my waist probably sent me up two sizes.  I wish I could say this is shocking, but it's not. 

There are a lot of reasons this has happened.  First, tis the season.  Not an excuse just a matter of fact.  Halloween, followed by my birthday, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas.  It's a killer combination.  Second, the time change.  This gets me every year.  I have a harder than usual time when we set the clocks back in November.  I suffer mildly from seasonal affective disorder.  Nothing too big but it does wreak a little havoc every year.  And thirdly, well honestly, those 2 things added together equals most of it.  The SAD zaps my motivation, gets me a little down, and then the string of food related holidays usually gives me the old one-two punch.  And the next thing I know I'm sitting on the couch wondering what's wrong with me?

You know what?  Nothing is wrong with me.  I just didn't do what I was supposed to do.  That's all.  My body isn't broken, I just gave my body what it needed to gain fat.  End of story.  And the only way to get rid of it ...

Well, that's the easy part.  I know how to get rid of it, I just had to find my mojo to get back into the swing of things.  But we'll talk about that part later.

Now lets talk about the good stuff that has happened since last we met.  Because believe it or not, it wasn't all bad ;)

I ran a 5k! 

And I only had one goal.  To run it in under 40 minutes.  I know that's not a crazy fast time or anything but it's what I wanted.  I'm pleased to say that I made that goal.

I have also been exercising since I last wrote.  I continued to run 3 days a week.  It has only been in the last week (after my 5k) that I took a week off.

I signed up for another 5k on Thanksgiving morning.  I may have already told you this, but it's still something good I did. 

I surprised my fiance with tickets to his first NBA game last weekend and I was utterly pleased to find out the seats were super close.   I'm his hero now.  And who doesn't love being a hero?  That's Blake Griffith walking by us to go back to the locker room. 

Doesn't he remind you of that famous Sasquatch photo?

And finally, yesterday I went out on my lunch break to go on a walk to try to get more activity into my day.  I haven't done this in awhile so I was very happy that I took the initiative.  Sometimes taking the first step back into a healthy lifestyle (no matter how small) is the hardest.  And for something so small, it made a huge impact on my motivation because today I feel like a new person.

And wouldn't you know, the universe rewarded me for my healthy decision.

I took my usual walk up to Universal City and they were filming Extra TV up there.  So I stood by for a few minutes and got to see AC Slater.

That is Mario Lopez and Nicolette Sheridan doing some ballet.  I have no idea why, but I'm putting this in my good column because it's always nice to catch something fun.  Especially during work hours.  Plus I'm trying to be as positive as possible here folks.

Now if I could just win the lottery this week ...


  1. Everyone has bumps in their journey, It only takes one day to say "I'm getting back on track and sticking to it. And that's exactly what you are doing. The holidays are a tough time but with some determination, you will push through them. :)

    1. I'm trying!! Thanks for the encouragement :)


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