Monday, February 10, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: Week 4

Hello everyone.  I hope the weekend was wonderful to you all.  Mine was very nice but definitely not long enough.

It never is.

Today marks day #1 of week 4 for my Drop 2 Sizes Challenge which means this is the last week of Phase 1 for me!

I'm doing ok with it.  I've missed a few workouts here and there but I'm still in the game.  I'm working out hard and doing my best to up my weights with each week that passes.  I can tell I'm getting stronger which is very encouraging.  I'm modifying moves less and less and I am able to push harder in the metabolic workouts.

Have I lost any inches?  Honestly, I have no idea.  I can definitely tell that my clothes fit better than they did January 2nd.  My tops look better on me and I've even had to start wearing a smaller bra (1 cup and band size smaller).  Oh and I've gone down a dress size.  So yes, clearly things are shrinking.  But pant sizes?

After a workout a little over a week ago I was feeling overly confident and grabbed 2 pairs of my "control" jeans to try on.  I think the adrenaline was still surging through my veins or something because I was positive my "goal" jeans were going to fit like a glove.

Yeah, they didn't.  In fact, I am almost positive they fit even worse then before I started.  Seriously, I couldn't get them off fast enough.  I'll be honest, it was deflating and a little heart breaking.  So I walked around my apartment and  came up with a list of reasons why this might have happened.  These were completely based on no basis of fact or reality but apparently it's what I needed to tell myself to not give up.

1.  My muscles were crazy swollen from lifting like the beast I am.
2.  I was retaining water due to my upcoming time of the month (this one ended up being true because I got it the next day).
3.  I tried on the wrong pair of jeans.
4.  My legs were really sweaty and that's why the fabric wouldn't pull up.
5.  The jeans shrunk.

I don't know.  I'm telling you this because this week is the week I'm supposed to do my jeans progress report and I don't want to do it.

I WILL do it because I need to know how I'm doing but I might put it off until the end of the week.  Rachel says in her book that either way, you need to put them on because they'll tell you how you're doing.  She says if you don't see a difference then you know you need to step it up.

It's like she is talking to me ;)

I do, in fact, need to step it up.  I feel completely ok with what I'm eating so I know I need to not be so accepting of skipping workouts.  So that's the goal for precious Week #4.  Do all of my workouts.

Wish me luck.

Today's Menu:
B:  Apple Cinnamon Almond Muffins
S:  Apple
L:  Baked Chicken with Broccoli Slaw
D:  Steak and Roasted Vegetables

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