Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drop 2 Sizes: I'm done

Hello everyone out there.

So I have struggled with coming to this decision.  And that sounds completely over-dramatic.  Wow.  I didn't mean for it to.   Anyway, I have stopped the Drop 2 Sizes challenge.

I just am not into it.  Like super not into it.

I was forcing myself to do the workouts which meant most of the time I was doing them half-heartedly which really does not benefit me in any way.  And so the weeks went by and I was just trying to make it to the end when I realized I felt like I was wasting my time.  I have very specific goals this year with getting married and all so why was I wasting all of this time doing something that just wasn't working for me?

So I allowed myself to put it aside and move on.

Sorry folks.

I may try to pick it up again in the future, I may not.  

What didn't I like?  This is going to sound weird but it had me working out about 4 times a week and that didn't keep me interested enough.  I had too many days off.  I don't know about you but when I'm working out, too many days off are my kryptonite.  When I rest too much, it's that much harder for me to get started.  There was an option for a 5th workout but I didn't do it.  I'll be honest, when I'm doing a program, I do it as prescribed.  If it says work out 6 days a week, I work out 6 days a week.  If it says "optional", I just don't do it.

At first I thought it was because you were rotating the same workouts every week but I don't have that problem with the 30 Day Shred.  I just was NOT clicking with the workouts.  I mean, the strength training workouts are really good.  You can tell that given some time, they'd really work but they just were not working for me right now. 

I'm not completely writing it off because one day I'd really like to follow it through but definitely not right now.  I'm on a tight schedule with my wedding and I need to keep my head in the game!

Did I Have Results?

Not really.  Like I said, I was doing the workouts but my head wasn't in it.  I firmed up so that of course meant things got smaller but I could tell that since I wasn't putting my best foot forward I wasn't going to get the 2 sizes smaller that it promised.

And that wouldn't have been the program's fault - it would have been mine. 

So what's next?

Well, I have a couple of options because I do love my programs.

I was trying to decide between DDP Yoga and INSANITY DVD Workout - Base Kit

Yes, two VERY different programs.  My gut was telling me to do Insanity and my brain was telling me to do the DDP Yoga.

I probably should listen to my brain but the thought of trying to do Insanity makes me excited.  My fiance has had it for a long time and I never did it for some reason.  All I know is that it's hard hard HARD!  It's a 60 day, 6 day a week, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.   I'll be honest, I'm no spring chicken anymore.  The knees don't bounce like they used to so I hesitate.  I also have some high arches that like to flare up the old plantar fasciitis.  And my back - well, I've talked about my back and how it hates me.  Man, I'm talking like I'm 60 not 36.  But it's those reasons why I'm thinking about the DDP Yoga.

If you've never heard of it, check out the link above for it and just watch the video about Arthur.  I remember watching that a long time ago and it was one of the "oh wow!" moments at the end.     

I actually already ordered the DDP Yoga but it won't get here for awhile.  Apparently it's takes a couple of weeks.  So in the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and start Insanity. 

Hey, if it breaks me then I can do the DDP Yoga to get better right?

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