Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Insanity: Week 2

I'm in week 2 of Insanity.

A couple of things:

1.  I still like it.
2.  It's still hard.
3.  I still can't do all of the moves.

Sometimes I have to force myself to not get overly motivated during these workouts.  The moves are just plain hard and I find that I get so ramped up to do my best that I indeed start sacrificing my form in order to just keep pace with Shaun T and his crew.  This is not good.  I can tell when I sacrifice form, the body parts start hurting.  That's because since I'm not quite as fit as the fine looking people in the workout, I'm not actually performing the moves in the correct way.  My knees will creep out over my toes and my back will bend in awkward ways.  Not good.  But I do find that even going with my own pace, I still get in a good workout.  I'm always out of breath and the muscles are burning.

I took last night off even though I was supposed to do a workout :(  The flu or something similar is running around my office building.  It blows my mind how people come into work when they are clearly sick and should go home.  In fact, 2 people on my floor are at work this week when they clearly should be at home.  So last night I was feeling a little achy and was running a low grade fever.  It was (hopefully) probably nothing but my fiance took away my laptop (my workouts are on my laptop) and made me go to bed.  He told me to err on the side of caution and get extra sleep.  I hesitated because it made me feel like I was failing but he was right.  These workouts are really intense and I would rather take an extra night off then be out for a whole week.

I'm hoping last night was a fluke or that I did indeed do the right thing because I feel pretty good today (knock on wood).

Tonight I will be doing the Cardio Recovery workout.  Don't let the name fool you.  What it should really be called is crazy burning muscle workout.

I really like it.

What's next?   I have another Fit Test coming up next Monday.  I'm both excited and nervous.  I'm excited because I'm pretty sure my numbers will be improving.  And I'm nervous because what if they don't!!!


Either way, I'll post my numbers when I'm done.

Today's Menu:
B:  Turkey Sandwich (turkey, mayo, lettuce, GF bread)
L:  Spring Vegetable Soup with Quinoa Salad
D:  Roasted Chicken and Salad

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