Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exercise: Days 1 and 2

Saturday was Day 1 and I decided to do Bob Harper's Inside Out Method: Pure Burn Super Strength DVD.

There are 2 workouts on this: one is 60+ minutes, one is 30+ minutes. I chose to do the 60+ minutes because I really don't consider myself a beginner.

I only got through 35 minutes! It was an awesome workout and I am excited to get my level up to complete all 60 minutes. Still, 35 minutes is not too bad.

Day 2 I went to the gym and did a little circuit with the aerobic equipment. 15 on the elliptical, 15 walking on the treadmill, 25 on the recumbent bike followed by stretching. I have to admit, I'm still pretty sore after Bob's DVD yesterday. Everything hurts.

But I'm down 90 minutes and I think that's a pretty good start.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do another strength DVD. Hopefully my hamstrings will be working by then.

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