Monday, January 23, 2012

Mondays: Not Always Bad

The weather outside is absolutely miserable today.  Rainy, cloudy, chillingly cold, but I was oblivious to all of that.

I weighed in today and I was down .4 lbs for the week.  And that was enough to cast sunshine and rainbows all around me.

Isn't it amazing?  One small, tiny, minute measurement had the all encompassing ability to make me insanely happy.

Well, it made me happy for the first hour of my morning.  I mean, come on!  It's rainy and it's a Monday.  A deadly combination indeed.

And if you will indulge me for a moment, I'd like to praise myself for a couple of things over the last week:

1.  I exercised 5 out of 7 days
2.  I ate out TWICE and still managed to come in under budget for each day.

Pretty good huh?

So, I am 4.6 pounds down total and I am counting the moments til I hit my first 10.

Today's eatin's:

B: breakfast calzone

Oh yes, lets talk about this for a moment.  I was coming up w/ easy, portable breakfast ideas for this week because I always eat breakfast at work.  And honestly, I was sick of eggs and the normal breakfast fare so I decided to make calzones.

Yup, regular old calzones.  I made my own whole wheat dough, my favorite pomodoro sauce and then used rotisserie chicken, cottage cheese and lowfat mozzarella to round it out.

It was my first foray into the wild world of calzone making and it was pretty successful.  I ate my first calzone this morning and it was pretty tasty.  Don't get me wrong, it was whole wheat dough so it wasn't like eating at a pizzeria but still - not bad.

S: protein bar
L: tomato soup, salad, 2 pretzels

exercise:  2+ mile run

Not bad ... for a Monday ;)

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