Thursday, January 19, 2012

We're Gonna Score Tonight!

I went bowling last night and for some reason I keep thinking about Grease 2 and the bowling scene and the song they sing.

So anyway, I went bowling last night and it was exactly like Grease 2. Without warning, everyone in the room broke into a perfectly synchronized dance and started singing. It was beautiful.

Wouldn't life be a little more grand if things like that actually happened?

Ok, so it didn't happen but it WAS cosmic bowling. Does that count? You know, lights off, glow in the dark pins, disco ball.

No singing though.

Bowling is fun, but it also leads to bowling alley food and drinks.

And that's all I'm going to say about my evening ;) I started the day off well but lets just say my dinner did not consist of the Chicken Piccata I so lovingly prepared that was both tasty AND healthy.

C'est la vie.

Today's menu:

B: egg + cheese sandwich on ww bread + coffee
S: PR bar (low glycemic delicious thing i eat before i run)
L: clam chowder, cottage cheese, 1/2 grapefruit
D: i'm not sure yet - the world is my oyster

Today's exercise:
run - did I mention that I'm training for a 10k? A co-worker asked me to run one with him and while it's not a hard commitment yet I figure - why not? I trained for one ........ thinking .... thinking .... oh wow 2 years ago. And 2 months before the race I injured myself. I believe there's a post somewhere in here about that. It was my toe :( Anyway, I remember the training being hard, sweaty, intensive, hard, time consuming BUT very worthwhile. So, I'm going to try again. I have a good base - I can do a 5k so why not double it? right?

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