Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exciting Times!

I logged into my email this morning and I received my usual weekly email from sitemeter who monitors this blog.

I usually don't even look at it because I know I've not been blogging so why would anyone be reading?!

Anyway, I did click on it and it told me that I had 11,000 visitors to my blog.


I thought it was a mistake. Nope. It wasn't. Someone found my jar of rocks entry and put it on pinterest and next thing I know -- BOOM - I've got a lot of people looking at my blog.

It made me laugh :)

Also, it reminded me I needed an update.

I'm doing extremely well. Almost scarily so. I say scarily because I'm starting week 6 and my focus is still there. I know, I know, my focus should ALWAYS be there but I tend to find that after week 4 I kind of get lazy.

Last week, I ate at maintenance all week. Not on purpose but because I think my body needed a break. It's just kind of how the numbers averaged out so that's kind of cool. But Monday was back to the grind and hopefully I will have a loss this week.

Just some numbers for you:
Since December 12, 2011, I have lost, on average, 1 pound a week.


I don't have an official WI for this week yet but I'm about 5-ish down and I'm hoping to keep w/ that one pound/week loss and hit 6 at my next WI. But really, I'm super excited for any number, even if it's .2 pounds.

(That's the lowest increment on my scale)

And finally ...

Today's Menu:

B: bacon, egg white, LF cheese sandwich on whole wheat - w/ coffee
S: LF cottage cheese and 1/2 grapefruit
L: clam chowder (made my me!), side salad, crispbread
D: (most likely) chicken piccata (me also), brussel sprouts, whole wheat pasta


  1. HAHA! I just made a blogger post about the rocks, I stopped and picked up a jar and rocks yesterday. I have 22 pounds left to lose and have lost almost 80 so far. I love, love love the suggestion!

    1. Thanks!! Congrats on the weightloss so far - that's AMAZING!! And let me know when you have your jar done - I'd love to see a pic :)


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