Tuesday, June 19, 2012

p90x Week 12

I'm on week 12.  It doesn't feel like it.  I started it off yesterday with a great day of eating and a great workout.  I had to modify my workout greatly due to my injury BUT I managed to get in a few pushups.  I was so happy that I hadn't lost all my strength.

I also made a discovery last week.  Trying to do Insanity and p90x at the same time just wasn't happening.  It's too much.  So, I'm just replacing my p90x cardio with Insanity workouts this week.  Easy fix.

And my knees are ever so thankful.

Speaking of broken body parts.  I think I have self diagnosed myself.  I am pretty sure my elbow pain is tricep tendonitis.  No, I am not a doctor but I've read a lot about it and I have the symptoms.  I've also read up on the other 5 things it could be.  I'm not too worried about misdiagnosing myself because they all have the same treatment.  I was pretty excited to narrow it down.  Now, if the stupid thing would just hurry up and magically get better.  I have no patience.  It's a fact.  It IS getting ever so slightly better so that's good.

Since it's my last week of round #1 I'm going to level with you about this entire program.  Honestly, it was awesome.  I do not regret a single moment of any of it.  I finished workouts that I never thought I could do.  I gained strength, I gained confidence, and I gained some muscle.  Did I lose all the weight I wanted?  Nope.  In fact, I lost not a single scale pound (so far).  I did lose inches.  And just watching those measurements change over the weeks was extremely encouraging.  The last 30 days were rough and I didn't get out of it what I had intended but that was due to the twists and turns of life.  However, I managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep up the fight.  I've always known strength training was important.  I've read the research on paper, but this is the first time I saw the results first hand.  In fact, I've never been a big fan of strength training.  I was always a cardio girl.  Now, I'm waiting with baited breath for my arm to get completely better so I can get right back into it hard core.  In fact, as soon as this week ends, I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

So, I guess that means Round #2 starts next Monday. 

Today's Menu:
B:  2 eggs + 1 slice ww toast + chicken and apple sausage +
S:  1/2 Protein Bar + Coffee
L:  Cottage Cheese + Apple
S:  1/2 Bagel + Almond Butter + 1/2 Protein Bar
D:  Zucchini + Eggplant + Tomato/Ground Turkey Sauce + WW Angel Hair

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