Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm a Machine: Strength Training and Weight Loss

It's been a little more than 2 weeks since I've posted.  My ribs are still sore so I've been working out around them.  After the doctor's office, I got one good workout in and it sent me straight back to resting.  So I took the following 4 days off and adjusted what I could do workout wise.

Since then, I have worked out every single day.  I have no idea what's gotten in to me but it's awesome.  That's 9 days in a row of some pretty grueling workouts.  For instance, this past Saturday I did a 90 minute workout.  What is that?!?

I have found that my ribs can handle 4 activities:  running, the elliptical, biking and of course walking.  So I've been concentrating on that.  I REALLY want to go back to strength training but I'm apprehensive only because I'm a little scared I'm going to seriously hurt myself.  I've laid off of my upper body for over 6 weeks now due to my elbow and I'm starting to think I need to start wading back into the water.

Again, it's a little scary because re-injuring injuries just plain old sucks.

But this week seems to be the week.  I'm going to try to do an upper body tonight.  Shoulders and Arms from p90x to be more specific.  However, I'm going for some light girly weights to see how my elbow reacts.  I'm thinking 5 pounders will be good.  It's kind of deflating because back before I hurt my elbow I was lifting pretty decent weight.  Anyway, if there is pain, I'll immediately stop, of course. If there is no pain, FINGERS CROSSED, then I'll finish it out and wait and see what tomorrow brings in terms of soreness.  Then, on Friday, I'm going to do lower body.  Yup, legs and back.  This one will be testing my ribs more.  My doctor told me that the lower body workouts will be what affects my ribs most.  But it's the same deal for the lower body.  As long as it doesn't hurt while I'm doing the moves, I'll finish and then see what the morning brings in terms of soreness.

Hopefully, all will go well and if it does, then I'm excited to start lifting again.

I last wrote about trying to be in a calorie deficit.  Well, I've been exercising like a mad man and apparently I've developed the restraint of a God.  I've been doing SO WELL with my calories!!

For instance, for the past 2 weeks I've been running over a 500 calorie deficit PER DAY.  And yes, it's really, really hard.  But totally doable.

I haven't measured myself (that's coming this Friday) but since I last posted I am down 4.4 pounds.  I haven't done any lifting in those 2 weeks, just cardio, so I'm a little afraid of muscle loss but only a little.  Honestly, I'm just too excited about having 2 weeks in a row where I LOST weight.

I don't want to toot my horn too much because maybe it was a fluke?  My weigh-in is on Friday and I have high hopes for yet another loss. 

As for my menus, I ended up doing 2 weeks of Vegetarian.  It was kind of hard to get enough protein but I REALLY enjoyed it.  This week, I added some meat back into the menu but only because I was seriously craving a hamburger :)

Also, an update on the Shakeology.  The first week was pretty good but I started getting sick the second week.  It tastes GREAT but I started getting an upset stomach and so I quit taking it.  I talked to my BB coach and she had some suggestions.  I still haven't tried her suggestions because I really don't want to get sick again.  If I do try it out I'll let you know how it works out.

But it seems important to note that that first week (the one where I was fine), the Shakeology would hold me from breakfast until lunch w/ NO HUNGER.  AND it gave me LOTS of energy.  AND at the end of the week I lost 3 of the 4.4 pounds that I mentioned above.  I'm not saying that was ALL the Shakeology because I've obviously been doing something right w/ my calories and working out.  I think the Shakeology just helped me keep my calories down which is what essentially caused the weight loss.  The second week (the one without Shakeology) I lost 1.4 pounds.  So there, success either way.

Today's Menu:

B:  Coffee + Creamer + Kashi Go Lean + Almond Milk
S:  Buffalo Jerky
L:  Salmon + Orzo + Veggies
D:  Hamburger + Lettuce/Tomato + Lite Mayo/Ketchup + 2% Amer. Cheese + Baby Carrots

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