Friday, December 14, 2012

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 13

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's weigh-in:  -1.4 lbs

 Woo-hoo!  I'm crazy excited for two weeks solid of losses.  Especially when it's this time of year.  What did I do this week to get these amazing results?  I have no idea.  But lets take a look anyways.

Weekly Goals:
1.  I earned 9 AP points.  Not my usual 20 but I'll take anything I can get.  This time of year is rough.  I know that's not an excuse but it is, however, a fact.  I also didn't eat all of my AP points.
2.  I ate 239 points total.  On 3 of the 7 days, I did NOT eat my entire 27 points that are allotted to me.  I know that's a no-no but it's just what happened.  On the flip side, I know for a fact that on some work days I did not log everything I ate.  We are getting lots of gift baskets at work and I've had a piece or 2 of chocolate that I never logged.
3.  Water.  eh.
4.  I didn't stress anything.  When someone came in with a Christmas gift, I had a piece of chocolate (why is it always chocolate?), said thank you and enjoyed it.  I just didn't take anymore.  When I couldn't workout, I didn't sweat it.  I went to 2 Christmas parties and was completely excited about both because I planned beforehand.
5.  Monday thru Friday only I cut down on my consumption of wheat.  I guess I shouldn't say cut down on, I basically eliminated it.  I'll explain more about that later.

And that's it.  Also keep in mind that I'm coming off of 4 straight weeks of gains (about 9 pounds total) including vacation weight gain.  I was HOPING that some of that would come off quickly.  I'm going to continue hoping that even more will come off before the new year.  And in case he's reading this:

Dear Santa,
I'd like to lose 10 pounds before New Year's Eve.
You're the best,

Now about that wheat thing.  My boyfriend and I recently watched a program on PBS.  Long story short, it was talking about nutrition and yadda yadda yadda.  He was intrigued with what the speaker had to say, as was I.  A certain way of eating was suggested and we were game enough to try it.  But after the new year.  One of the suggestions was to cut out gluten.  I know, gluten is the fad of the year but without going into too much detail what was said in that program made sense and made us curious enough to try it for a couple of weeks.  We have agreed to try it for 3 weeks.  Let me rephrase, we are going to try our hardest to get through 3 weeks because that crap is in everything!  SO, a little over a week ago, after we decided this, I decided to cut out wheat during my work days to see what it was like.  Also, I wanted to ease myself into cutting it out completely come January.  So, I decided that during the work week, I just wouldn't eat the obvious source of gluten:  wheat.  But in doing so, I found myself checking other items for gluten and realized MOST of everything else I eat is pretty safe.  Anyway, that's why I cut out the wheat.  I'm preparing for January.  Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it.  BUT, it'll be kind of fun to have a project/challenge and to have someone to do it with.

Today's Menu:
B:  Smoothie:  coconut milk/frozen fruit/hemp protein + coffee
S:  vegetable soup
L:  turkey/swiss lettuce rollups + apple
D:  italian

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