Monday, December 3, 2012

New Weight Watchers Program

I'm sick.  Nothing too major (knock on wood) but I spent my weekend on the couch with cold medicine.  I did, however, manage to help decorate the Christmas tree. 

I love my Christmas tree.

I didn't do any workouts in an effort to help conquer whatever bug I have and hopefully the worst is over.  Today, my hope is to feel well enough to go do a walk on my lunch break but I'm not going to push it.  I usually push it and a 2-3 day bug turns into a week or two event.

It figures I would get sick as I made my goal this week to not eat any AP points.  I mean, what kind of goal is that if you don't earn any points?

Moving on.

Weight Watchers changed their program.  It feels like they do this once a year now.  It honestly doesn't bug me any but what they changed was not the points system or counting or any core thing like that.  They changed what I guess you could call the strategies.  I haven't really had a chance to look at it that much but from what I have seen it's nothing too innovative.  But it's nice to get some new information.  Maybe something they put in there will speak to me and make all of this seem like a cake-walk.

Wishful thinking.

My weigh-in is in 4 days.  I feel bloated.  I'm also cranky - can you tell?

I hope today gets better ;)

Today's menu:
B:  breakfast club sandwich (basically a turkey sandwich with an egg white)
S:  carrots/broccoli/celery/cherry tomato + dip + apple + string cheese
L:  cod + ratatouille
D:  chili + sweet potato


  1. I am a lifetime member. Once I figured out how the program I was on worked, they changed it. I will be honest. I kept doing what I was doing, and it has been positive.
    Do keep going. Weight Watchers is really the most positive weight loss program, and I really believe that it is the way to keep weight off.

    1. it's always great to hear from people who've "been there done that" - if you've got any advice/tips - feel free to pass them along!


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