Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Christmas Party Plan

I had my parties on Saturday.  The plan held.  Sort of ;)

I, somehow, mismanaged my time on Saturday getting ready before the parties.  I did not realize we had so much to do and that the first party started at 6pm and was half an hour (without traffic) away.  So I begrudgingly accepted the fact that my workout was not going to happen.

Yeah, that was a bummer.  I was counting on some of those AP points.  However, I accepted it and moved on and told myself to just stay aware all night long.

I also didn't eat what I planned beforehand.  However, I ate the same amount of points I had already planned.  Just switched it up a little.

The first party was super easy.  There was even LESS food on the menu than I was told.  I guess I wasn't the only one who ran out of time. Score one for me.  And I was having such a good time talking to people I didn't even really care about much else.  I left that party well within my allotted points.

Then came the second party.

By the time we got there, pretty much all the good treats and stuff were picked over.  And here's a little secret.  The host of this second party is not particularly known for their amazing cuisine.  I was also kind of counting on that and they did not fail!  I know that's a horrible thing to say but score another for me!!!  I had two rum and diet cokes and then spent the evening talking to friends I hadn't seen in awhile.  I left that party WELL under budget.

I think mentally walking through both parties really helped me.  It made me feel like I already knew what was going to happen.  When I walked into the first party and the prosecco was on the table, I grabbed a glass and without thinking poured myself half a flute.  When it was time to eat, I got my plate and I didn't even think about it.  I just took the amounts I had already mentally planned.  At the second party, I went to the bar and automatically grabbed the rum and diet coke.  Things like that.  And the cherry on top was that I had a great time at both parties.

That's definitely a trick I'm going to use again.

Today's Menu:
B:  smoothie:  coconut milk + hemp protein + frozen pineapple/mango
S:  vegetable soup
L:  turkey and provolone lettuce wrap + apple
D:  probably cod + ratatouille + wild rice


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    1. Wow - thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it!!


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