Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slim in 6: Final Results

I completed my last Slim in 6 workout Monday night.

I'm done.  Finished.  Mission Accomplished.

I'm really glad that I stuck it out the whole way through.

And now, the results.

I did:

Week #1:   6 of 6 workouts
Week #2:   6 of 6 workouts
Week #3:   6 of 6 workouts
Week #4:   6 of 6 workouts
Week #5:   4 of 6 workouts
Week #6:   6 of 6 workouts

I lost:

1.6 pounds total and 7 inches total from my body during the 6 weeks.

Measurements (Start/End):

Chest:  41/40
Ribs:    34/33
Waist:  35/33.5
Hips:    43/42
Belly Button:  35.5/34.5
Upper Thigh:  25/24
Leg @ Knee:  18.25/18
Left Arm:  12.5/12.25

Final thoughts:

It's a little weird now being able to choose whatever workout I want to do.  It's easier for me to do a workout when I feel like I'm being told to do it via a program of some sort.  I'm extremely glad I did this, I'm very happy with my numerical results and I'm very very happy with just how I feel overall.  I actually read today that swimsuit season is only 11 weeks away and I definitely feel like I have a great base now to start working out much harder so that I'll be ready when it gets here.  Or as ready as I'll ever be ;)

So what's next?

I've been trying to pinpoint what I want to do next.  I definitely like the structure that these DVD programs (p90x, Insanity, Slim in 6 etc) give you, however, I think I might take a day or 2 and do some regular workouts before I start a new one because I haven't really decided what I'm doing yet. 

Workouts I'm Considering:

30 Day Shred (Jillian Michaels)
30 Days of p90x
30 Days of Insanity
30 Days of regular gym and strength workouts

Any Suggestions?

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