Friday, April 5, 2013

Slim in 6 Update: Week 5

I am smack dab in the middle of week 5 of Slim in 6 and still on the Burn it Up DVD.

Lets do a quick pros and cons list:

1.  I am definitely getting better at the moves which means I'm getting stronger.  Especially my legs.
2.  My stomach area is shrinking and so is my waist.  She does like to concentrate on the waist and guess what?  It works.
3.  I can see the difference in how my clothes are fitting.  Especially in my shirts and the stomach area.
4.  Even though it is not the hardest workout I've ever done, it's producing some pretty nice results.

1.  I'm a little bored.  When I do my workout tonight it will be my 10th time almost consecutively doing this one DVD.  And after tonight, I'll be doing this same workout, almost daily, 8 more times.
2.  I rarely completely finish the workout.  She has a floor workout for your butt and hips and no matter what I do, it  aggravates my back.  I'm over the phase of my life where my motto was:  "ignore the pain and do it anyway" because I always just end up hurting myself.  So I just skip it. 
3.  I'm going to say it again because it really is the biggest con:  I'm tired of doing the same workout.

I took my measurements again last night after I finished my workout.  I didn't see any changes since the last time I took them.

But I can give you a comparison to where I was this time last year:

Mar-12 Apr-13 May-13  June-13 TOTAL LOST
Waist 41" 34" 7"
Chest 43" 41" 2"
Left Arm 14" 13" 1"
Neck 13.5" 13" 0.5"
Rib 35" 33" 2"
Belly Button 42.5" 35" 7.5"
Hip 46" n/a n/a
Left Leg-Knee 19" 18" 1"
Left Leg-Upper 26.25" 23" 3.25"
24.25" LOST

Those were my starting numbers for P90x.  I quit measuring my hips because I could NOT figure out how to do it consistently.  I can, however, tell you that they are less than 46".    I've lost at least 4-5" inches in that area but again, since I can't do it consistently I just kind of stopped trying to take accurate measurements.  It was screwing with my morale to see that number wildly jump around.  Isn't it crazy what this information will do to your state of mind?

I'll update this chart as the months go on.

I'm excited to finish this program.  I have some ideas as to what I'll do next but that's all stuff I'll post about when the time comes.

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