Friday, April 5, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 29

The results are in:


I'll take it!

What I did this week:

1.  I earned, again, somewhere between 12-18 points.  I did six Slim in 6 workouts and I didn't wear my HRM for any of them so that is my best guess based on the 100 calores = 1 AP theory.

2.  I ate 180 points.  Wow.  I must confess that while I did log everything I ate, I did it in spurts so I had no idea that my number was so low for the week.  That number also does not reflect any of my AP as I'm not logging them anymore.  I was crazy hungry all week long but I thought it was mainly due to upping my exercise.  I was also aware I did not make enough food this past week which probably added to my hunger.  And because I'm limited in what I can eat (gluten, dairy, soy intolerance thing) I don't just go pick up food anymore because it's not worth it to get sick.  Also, I'm on a really strict budget right now as I'm smack dab in the middle of paying down my enormous student loans (UGH) very, very aggressively.   VERY.   So I guess I should plan more accordingly.

SIDEBAR:  Just a quick word on my student loans.  They are the bane of my existence.  I went to school twice.  TWICE.  And thus I accrued some serious student loans.  I've been paying on them for too long and they are not going anywhere.  So last month I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to get serious about getting rid of them.  They are my ONLY debt.  And if I could free up this monthly payment money, I'd free up some serious cash.  So for the next couple of years (yes YEARS), it is my goal to get rid of these bad boys.  With that being said, my food budget is going to have to be extra tight.  How it usually goes is:  I have my food budget, I grocery shop and spend my budget and then I buy more.  That has to stop.  And with that comes some creative cooking in the kitchen.  It really IS more expensive to eat whole foods.  Sad but true.  This is my first full month of doing this so I hope it works out.

3.  I did ok on the water.

4.  I ate really well.  Actually, I discovered a new (new to me) way to eat zucchini.  I make zucchini pasta!  Basically I just julienne a zucchini then boil the "noodles" gently in homemade vegetable broth and then treat it like pasta.  It doesn't taste like pasta per se but it is very satisfying.  Also, I really like zucchini.  I tried to get on board with spaghetti squash but I just don't like it.  This is a nice alternative.  It keeps the points low AND helps you bulk up on veggies.  Win win.  Also, I jumped back on the asparagus bandwagon.  I forget that I like it.  Just throw some olive oil, salt, garlic on it and roast it up.  It's pretty darn good.  I'm really trying to buy more seasonal produce because it's usually the most cost effective way to grocery shop.  

Today's Menu:

B:  coffee
L:  sriracha  shrimp + asparagus + tomatoes
D:  vegetable soup .. maybe?

Can you tell I'm out of food?

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