Friday, August 2, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 46

Happy Friday one and all.

I come to you with a raging headache that no amount of medication seems to be touching.  However, I am so dedicated to write this blog post I am foraging past the pain and misery in order to bring you this week's weigh in.

Actually, since nothing has worked so far to make it feel better, I figure I might as well do anything and everything I can to distract myself.  And since nothing but a nap is going to help at this juncture (and I'm still at work so that's out of the question), blogging is all I have left.

So blog I shall.

Guess what I woke up to this morning?

Water pouring out of both the sink and dishwasher thus flooding my kitchen and dining room.


Good times.  Although I was in a mad panic trying to get it to stop, I'm thankful I went out there when I did.  The water was just about to hit items that would have been seriously damaged or ruined had I not intervened.

But we managed to get it all fixed.  Hopefully.  It just made for an exciting Friday morning.  Well, not really exciting.  More like exasperating.

Weigh In:  -0.6 lbs

Weekly Round-up:

1.  I earned around 12 AP.  That is from 4 workouts.  4 awesome workouts.

2.  I ate 172 points.  Now folks this is way too low for me.  I had a rough week with food.  I do this every now and again and I wish I knew why.  I just get in this funk where NO food sounds good.  The thought of food even makes me sick.   I just have to force myself to eat and honestly it's not fun.  Hopefully I'll come out of this soon.

3.  Water.  I love it!

4.  What I ate:  I am still on my Whole30.  Tomorrow is day #26.  I'll be honest, although I'm tickled pink with how I look and feel, I will be more than pleased for this to come to a close.  I'll give my full opinion after it's over but know this:  Day 30 can't come soon enough.  Anyway, some of the items I ate: steak and eggs, chicken pot pie soup, kelp noodles with seafood sauce, and spinach salad with chicken breast. Blackberries, almonds, and sweet potatoes also made an appearance.

And now I have to go workout.  I don't want to, but I'm going to do it anyway :)

today's menu:
B:  coffee + handful of almonds (with a flooding kitchen it was all I could grab)
L:  house salad + chicken
D:  chicken pot pie soup

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