Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jillian Michaels Challenge: Update

Hello internet world.

I'm still doing my Jillian Michaels challenge.  Man, I'm really starting to like her.  I've always been a fan but I'm really loving her DVDs.

Since I'm doing so many different DVDs, I thought I'd review some of the new ones.

Killer Buns and Thighs:  Level 1

The Facts:
This is a 30 minute workout PLUS warm up and cool-down.  You'll need a set of dumbbells and a mat if you're working on a hard surface.  (Actually, the dumbbells aren't desperately needed in this one.  You could get away without using them say, if you were traveling or something.)  This is a circuit workout.  She runs you through a series of moves that, obviously, targets your lower body, you repeat that circuit and then you move on.  She throws in some cardio moves every now and then but this is mainly a strength/toning video.   But you DEFINITELY will be burning some calories.

I burned 362 calories according to my HRM.

I LOVE this DVD.  Mainly because I LOVE working out my legs.  Always have.  But this is also a great workout.  I love the pace, she changes poses quickly but you will definitely feel the burn in all the right places.  If you do this one regularly enough, there is no way your butt won't look amazing.  And I'm just on level 1!

No More Trouble Zones:

The Facts:
The workout is 40 minutes PLUS WU and CD.  Get out your dumbbells and mat for this one.  This is another circuit style workout.  Each circuit targets something up top and something down below.  You'll do a series of moves targeting said muscle groups, repeat the series and then move on to 2 other muscle groups.  I believe you do this for 5 circuits total but I'll have to double check that.  This DVD also is predominantly strength training.

I still need to wear my HRM while doing this to get a count.  But I'll do that soon.  I promise.

I also LOVE this DVD.  Every since I did p90x last year, I've grown very fond of strength training.  So this DVD is right up my alley.  It's called no more trouble zones because she literally hits every zone in your body.  Even if you're short on time and can only do half of it you'll still hit both upper and lower body and get in a good workout.  The only caveat with this one is that there is just one workout.  I plan on keeping it in my rotation sparingly so I won't get sick of it.

6 Week 6 Pack: Level 1

The Facts:
This is a 30 minute workout PLUS WU and CD.  Like Killer Buns and Thighs you need a set of dumbbells and a mat (if on a hard surface) BUT you can definitely do this without the weights.  It's another fast paced routine that targets the abdominal muscles.  But don't think you'll be on the floor the whole time.  She has you doing moves you wouldn't think target the waist but they do.  In addition to my abs being worked, I also felt like my arms and shoulders got a decent (not great) workout due to moves like the plank.  Just holding your body weight up is enough to give them a workout.

Need to do a HRM reading with this as well. 

I very much like this workout.  I'm not going to use the word love yet, but I feel like I MIGHT fall in love with this one too.  I like that the moves are different.  I was a little apprehensive about doing a workout that focused only on getting a 6 pack, but after doing it and seeing how well rounded the moves were, I was definitely up for keeping it in my rotation.  And yes, I definitely think if you do this workout, your waist will shrink.

And now my disclaimer about all 3 videos.  I firmly believe you will get excellent results with these videos.  But only EXCELLENT results if your diet is clean.  And when I say clean I mean just short of perfect clean.  I didn't realize how much more effective workouts were until I changed my eating.  There is a reason she includes menus with most of her DVDs and talks about eating.  It's more than half the battle.  That being said, I imagine you'll get really good results if your diet is still in progress. 

I believe diet is the most important factor of getting a great body and also the hardest element.  It is TOUGH.  So take it a little at a time.  It took me years of trying to get to a point where I was willing to change things.  I had the info, my soul was willing but my brain wasn't on board.  This year, things have fallen into place.  I've made changes that I sincerely hope are lifelong.  And I also hope I keep seeing results.

Mini Progress Report:

I'm about halfway thru week 3 of my 7 week challenge which is kind of like a halfway point so I took some preliminary measurements last night.  I'm down around 6 inches all over.  I also tried on some previously too tight pants/shorts and they seem to be fitting now.  Week 1 was a great week.  I did 4 workouts.  Week 2 was less than stellar - only did 1 workout.  And now I'm on Week 3 with my 3rd workout happening this evening.  I'm pretty happy with the 6 inches considering I feel like I lost a week with Week 2.  No matter, I will push forward.  I'll give a real update next week with pictures and actual measurement numbers after my Whole30 is over.

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