Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Drop 2 Sizes: Phase 2 (Again)

Third time is the charm right?

Yes, this is my third time trying to Drop 2 Sizes.

My first try was in January of 2014.  I had just gained 30 pounds out of the blue and was feeling pretty lousy so I was desperate for something to work.  Alas, I didn't make it all the way thru.

I then started working with my current doctor and was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, hypothyroid, adrenal stuff, deficiencies etc ...  So my brilliant self thought it was a good idea to try again.   My second attempt was June of 2014.  I was only about 2 months into my treatment.  I finished.  I remember it being underwhelming.  In retrospect, I don't see how I could of thought I'd get ANY sort of results because I can now see how bad off I was.  But according to that post, I lost inches. I did NOT, however, lose 2 sizes.  Not even close.

And then finally I decided to try AGAIN.  Tonight will start my second week of Phase 2.  I can tell that this time I'm getting more out of it.  There are moves that I can do without modifying this time.  In fact, the first move of the first workout was one that I had to modify EVERY TIME during the previous 2 tries.  So I was actually SHOCKED when I started this time and didn't have to modify it at all.  And I think that's because I have made that much progress with my doctor.  Thank God.  So I really feel like this go round will be the first legitimate try. 

I took starting measurements and pictures back in June.  I haven't posted any updates yet because I haven't taken any update measurements at all.  I've thought about doing it but honestly, I've been afraid.  This may sound weird, but I've been feeling SO GOOD lately, I was afraid that if I took measurements I would see that nothing had changed.  And I didn't want to do anything that might make me feel bad.  But as I explained in my last post, I've been on a plateau and I believe now is the time to at least take the measurements to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.   Because you can't change what you don't measure.  Right?


Oh and one last tiny, little thing.  I just placed an online order over the weekend for a new pair of jeans because my old ones ripped.  I ordered them one size smaller.



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