Friday, March 11, 2011

The Body is a Mysterious Thing

Yesterday was Thursday and those are my official weigh in days - I reported that I had gained .6 lbs since the previous WI. Well, since March 11th was officially the last day of my 30 day lose 4 pound challenge I weighed myself this morning to be fair.

Ok, to be fair and in hopes that it would say something else ;)

It did. I am down a total .6 lbs for my 30 days. Not exactly what I wanted but there were some hurdles and obstacles along the way. But a loss is a loss!

So I'm going to do it again!

Here's to 30 days and 4 pounds gone. I swear I will continue this until I hit that mark :)

Sometimes I wish the mainstay of measurement for weight loss wasn't the scale. I mean in my case, the difference of one day made a huge difference to me and my motivation. And I didn't do anything different between the 2 days. I ate the same amount of calories, I exercised at the same time of day, I drank the same amount of water and I went to bed at the same time. But I'm aware that sometimes none of those things matter.

I also know there are a host of other ways to measure progress but none of the accessible ones are that reliable.

The scale: you have to take into account so many factors of what's causing your weight to fluctuate. I mean, if we all know our body weight differs by a couple of pounds in a single day then how do we put such a significance on what we way on a certain day. Lets not forget that us females also have hormonal fluctuations to worry about.

Fat Calipers: two words - human error. Like the scale they will give you an idea of what's going on but you need someone who is trained to precisely measure you. It's not something you can do at home.

Body fat scales: Same as everything else - they give you a good idea but they can't give you an honest score. These scales use formulas to just estimate/predict what your bodyfat percentage would be. Great for showing you progress but again, not accurate.

Tape Measure: Probably the best one. It won't be dead on accurate because you're measuring yourself and even a slight miscalculation on where you placed the tape or how tight you pulled it the last time could make a big difference on your final reading.

The scale is just the easiest to use. You step on, wait 2 seconds and VOILA! Your number in bold print before your eyes.

There are medical tests you can do but who wants to spend the money on them?

I guess it should just come down to how you feel and are your clothes getting smaller? Because if they are something is working. And it also comes down to making sure your day doesn't revolve around tests that do have a certain degree of error.

Things for me to remember come next Thursday.

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