Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Clouds Have Moved In

Literally and metaphorically.

I've been having a bad couple of days. Well, yesterday and today to be exact. I was on cloud nine rolling into Tuesday. I apparently even wrote my best friend an all inspiring email.

And then Wednesday happened. I lost my mojo. It was a culmination of lots of things: stepping on the scale, overcast and dreary weather, and most likely hormonal issues.

I lost it. I got angry and irritated and just fed up with the process. I felt tired and defeated. I mean, I had a GREAT run of nothing but positive and healthy thoughts and I know there will be bumps along this great journey. Yesterday was just a bad one.

So I took the day off. Completely off. I was so overwhelmed by everything - the planning and evaluating and it was stressing me out. Big time. So I took the day off. I did not work out and it felt good. No guilt, no stress at all and that means I needed it. I also took the night off from menu planning for dinner and had unscheduled/scheduled Thai food. What that means is that I planned to have Thai food from our favorite Thai place for dinner but I did not plan the calories and even THAT felt good. It just felt good to go with the flow.

I had to let go of the stress and just be.

And today, I feel better. Not perfect but so much more in control of things.

Yesterday was Wednesday so that marked the last day of my "week". So lets take at look at how I did with my goals.

They were:

Eat: on average 1400/day
Workout: 6 workouts
Rest: if my body needs it and don't feel bad or guilty

Eating: I averaged 1450 for the 6 days I ate "on program" and when I add in my estimates for last night it's more like 1640/day
Workout: I got in 5 workouts
Rest: I took off yesterday and I do NOT regret it :)

The scale is up 1.2 lbs but I am not even counting this. In fact, I'm going to write "opt out" on my side column tracking because of my dinner last night.

I'm not sure when I'm going to start tracking again. Part of the reason I had such a bad day yesterday was because I stepped on the scale to get a sneak peak. And it in no way reflected how I was feeling or how hard I was working. And I think I let all those bad things get into my head.

Once again, I let some small device dictate how I was feeling about my progress and effort. It honestly was, well I don't want to say devastating but the feeling was something horrible.

In any case, today marks the start of a brand new week. I'm tweaking my goals for this brand new week.

After I stepped on the scale, wallowed in my misery and had some time to think things over while enjoying some delicious curry, I had a thought. I was doing great up until my premature weigh in. The calories were on point, the working out was on point and I felt positive about those things which is why I took it so hard when I saw the number. However, looking back, my food was not the greatest in QUALITY. I was eating the correct quantity but I ate a few more processed foods than I would have liked.

And when I do that it not only affects my numbers but my mood, energy levels, and progress.

So with that in mind, I give you my goals for this week:

Eat:1450 calories / day - with as much clean food as possible
Exercise: 6 workouts
Rest: 1 - 2 full days

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