Monday, November 5, 2012

5Ks and Birthdays

Oh my.

It was an eventful weekend.  After I weighed in on Friday morning, I woke up Saturday morning and just out of curiosity weighed myself.  It was the lowest weight I had seen yet.

And that victory would be short lived ;)

I had a great birthday weekend.  It started Saturday- very casual and relaxing.  Ordered in some food from my favorite restaurant, rented a couple of movies, and turned in early.

We had to be up early for our race on Sunday.

We participated in a 10k/5k to raise money for the We Spark Cancer Support Centers.  I originally signed up for for the 10k (it would have been my first) but hurt myself over the summer.  I got cleared by my podiatrist to do the 5k just a couple of weeks ago so they were kind enough to change my registration for me.

I hadn't run in almost 5 months and I thought I had done really well preparing with the 2 1/2 weeks I had.  I even eked out two 5ks on the treadmill prior to the race so I was feeling confident.  However, I was NOT ready.  It just so happens that this particular course went along the back-lot of Universal Studios and is crazy hilly.


Even so, it was a great workout and I had a lot of fun.

There were over 2000 participants in my run - very crowded at the start.

But we eventually made our way around the sets and got to see some awesome things.

This is the house from The Great Outdoors.

And below is the Phantom of the Opera doing his thing on Wisteria Lane (where they filmed Desperate Housewives).

And we even got cheered on by "Mother" - she's in the house from Psycho.

We ran into a lot of characters along the way:  Indiana Jones, Zorro, Frankenstein, Count Dracula and even the Grinch.  We got to stop at sets from Jaws, War of the Worlds, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Back to the Future amongst others.

I actually was thankful for all the photo ops because it gave me a chance to stop for a second before the next hill came.  But eventually, I did finish.  It's my slowest 5k to date, even without the stops, but I'll take it.

 After the race, we went inside the Universal theme park and rode a couple of rides.  I burned crazy calories that day.  I probably also ate them all back that night :)

Yeah, my planned birthday night (Saturday) turned into a 2 day event to include Sunday.  It's all good.  I counted ALMOST everything.  My mom sent me gourmet cupcakes from Georgetown and I had one and told myself I was NOT going to count my Birthday Cupcake.  I just wanted to enjoy her thoughtfulness on my special day and not worry about calories or points or anything.

And enjoy it I did.

I did, however, track everything else.

So here's hoping my body recoups from the race (I'm still oddly sore) AND the eating.  I used up ALL my weekly points on those 2 days.  Totally worth it, although, usually when I eat all my weekly points back to back like that I tend to have a gain.  Oh well.  I guess we'll see what happens come Friday.

Today's Menu:
B:  Pizza (Yeah, I made pizza for breakfast this week.  I got sick of eggs.  Like really sick of eggs.  Actually eggs and anything breakfast food related.  So, I made a pizza, easy on the cheese and chock full of veggies. And it will be breakfast for the next couple of days.  Sometimes to stay on track you gotta shake things up!)

L:  Salmon + Grilled Veggies + Quinoa Tabouli

D:  Thanksgiving Sandwich :)  I have been craving stuffing lately.  Especially Stove Top Stuffing.  However, if you look at the ingredients in that stuff .. well it's not good.  So, I tried a recipe I found for my own stuffing.  It was surprisingly easy and with a few substitutions came out point friendly.  So tonight, I will make a sandwich that has:  stuffing, chicken, cheese, and miracle whip.  And while that may sound gross to you - it's what I've been craving.  Hopefully it'll hit the spot.

And, it's only 7 points plus.

Add a side of green beans and roasted butternut squash and you've got yourself a makeshift Thanksgiving feast.

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