Friday, November 2, 2012

Weight Watchers: Week 7 Weigh-In

I lost 2 pounds!

I'm very, very happy about that.  Since July, I've lost 12 pounds total and 7.2 of those are since I started Weight Watchers in mid September.

It doesn't hurt that I've had a lot of events evenly spaced throughout this time that have helped to keep me on track.  My family came to visit me in early October and I worked hard for that.  Today is my birthday (and 5k race weekend) and I wanted to be on track for that.  In 3 weeks, I'll be off to Hawaii for the Thanksgiving break so you KNOW I'm going to be killing it for that (hello swimsuit).   3 weeks after that, my sister and her fiance are flying out (I've never met him) and so that's another goal point.  And finally, we have the new year and I have made a very specific goal that I desperately want to hit.

I had started all this by making concrete weight numbers as my goal for each event but I wasn't hitting any of them.  Instead, I changed it to just hitting the goals that I write about here every week.  You know, the tracking, exercising, water stuff.  I figure, as long as I'm hitting those goals, you know, the things I'm supposed to be doing, then it doesn't matter what the scale says.  Granted, I'd love a loss each week but ain't no way that's going to happen.  And I'd rather my ACTIONS dictate how I feel about a week rather than the scale.  Because honestly, that scale 9 times out of 10 is going to disappoint me.  Plus, I can CONTROL how often I track and all those other little things.  Those are things that, on a daily basis, I choose whether to do or not.  So, being the control freak that I am, I've decided to let my happiness, or sadness, be decided by things I can actually control.

It makes sense to me.

And with that being said:

Last week was .... pretty good.

Goals for Week 7:
1.   I ate all my Daily Points 6/7 days and all my Weekly Points.
2.  I earned 17 Activity Points and ate 15 of them - I didn't hit my 20 but I got sick one day and skipped my workout.
3.  Water:  honestly, not the best.  I definitely need to step it up.  It's finally fall like weather out here and it's crazy dry so I need to start drinking even more than I was before!

This week's goal:

1.  Enjoy my BDAY but don't let it get out of hand!!
3.  Get at least 20 APs.
4.  DRINK WATER!!!!!

Today's Menu:
B:  Coffee/Cream/Sugar 1pt + 3 Egg Whites 1pt + 2 Slices Reduced Calorie Bread 2pts + 1/2 T Smart Balance 1pt.
S:  Apple 0 pt.
L:  Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup 3pts/cup + Veggie Salad 0pt + 1T light dressing 1pt
D:  ??  something light - not doing bday dinner til tomorrow!

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