Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mid Week Weigh In

I guess I was wrong about the 2 pounds that were supposed to melt off.

I leave for Hawaii tomorrow and I'm down 0.2 pounds.  I did, however, have an amazing few days workout wise.  Friday I went on a long walk, Saturday I went spinning for an hour, and Sunday I ran 4 miles. 

Longest run in quite some time.  Makes me think I can do my 10k after all.

In other news, as I was packing for my trip I was able fit into shorts and hiking clothes that did not fit in August so victory for me!

I will concentrate on being able to fit in the smaller clothes.  Don't get me wrong, this 5 pound weight gain disturbs me.  It's a mental struggle, I'm just doing the best I can with trying to keep my head in the game.

I'm a little nervous for my trip.  I see it going one of two ways.  I can see me having this very active, adventure filled week where I come back refreshed and healthier.  I can also see the adventure as well as an eating and drinking fest that lasts all 6 nights and brings me back refreshed and heavier.

Here's the thing, I'll workout.  I absolutely will definitely workout.  I'm not concerned about that at all.  It's the eating that will make or break a vacation.  So, my goal is (barring Thanksgiving Day - there's no way to get through that day without some wiggle room) to keep it in check.  Do the best I can and make my choices carefully.

Tis all I can do.

Here's to a great holiday, reasonable eating, and mad, crazy workouts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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