Friday, June 7, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 38

Oh man.  This week felt sooooo long.  It always happens after a shortened week/long weekend.  If only every weekend were a 3 day weekend.

That reminds me, I still have 5 days of vacation that I haven't used yet, I should just use them for a month's worth of 3 day weekends.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Today's WI:  -3.6

Yeah, what I put on last week, I took back off.  I was surprised when I got on the scale this morning.  I knew it was going to be a loss but I was so happy to see that it all came right back off.  WHEW!

Crisis averted.

That means in 2013 I've lost:

Total Pounds:  -14.0
Total Inches: -13.5"

Crazy!  I'm so proud of myself.  I'm also extremely happy that I have hopefully found something that works for me.  Trust me, it was a long time coming.


1.  I earned around 9 AP.  I did one 30 Day Shred workout and two Ripped in 30 workouts.  This was due to lack of sleep which I'll discuss later.

2.  I ate 203 points.  I usually try to hit for 215 but again, the lack of sleep meant I ate a little less.  I really want to try to do 215 again because I don't feel like 203 is enough.  Especially since I do not count or eat any of my AP.

3.  I got back on the water horse again.  I truly have become a fan of this stuff.  I don't really drink anything other than water anymore.  I've been on a coffee break for the last few months which I'll continue for the time being.  The last time I took a break from coffee, I went without caffeine of any form for 3 years!!  I wonder how long this one will last.  I will, however, have the occasional herbal tea when I need something warm.

4.  What I ate?  The menu this week was quite good.  I made homemade larabars, southwest salad with chicken, steak with peppers and onions + cole slaw, and eggs with vegetable hashbrown casserole.  And that's it!!  I'm kidding.  I also had sushi.  But only once!  Oh, and I had some kettle potato chips over the weekend.  Seriously love those things.

I've been having a hard time with sleep lately.  My boyfriend works nights and I've gotten into the bad habit of staying up too late to see him.  It is hard when we only get to see each other on the weekends, but I have to get out of this cycle.  I end up working out around 11pm then going to bed around 3am just to get up at 7:30am ish to go to work.  I've been doing this for over a month now and I think my body is trying to tell me "NO MORE!".  I purposefully did not do 2 of my workouts this past week because it got to be too late and I knew I needed the sleep more than I needed the workout.  I'm hoping that I can slowly get myself back to my regular schedule.

Today's Menu:
B:  homemade larabar
L:  eggs + hashbrowns
D:  steak + salad

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