Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 39

WEIGH IN:  +3.6 (from my weigh in on Friday the 14th)

Can someone say Yo-Yo?

Actually, I'm not in a yo-yo spin, I'm in a hormonal spin.  That's all I can figure.  As I said last week, I went off my hormonal birth control which can cause an array of side effects.  The one I was most worried about was weight gain.  I took to the internet to see how prominent it was and apparently it is quite common.

Here's the thing.  I don't think I'm gaining weight just because I went off birth control.  I am definitely gaining weight due to eating too much of the wrong things.  My cravings have come out of nowhere and it's been a battle.  And the only thing that has changed in my life is stopping my birth control.  And while I'm not 100% sure, it makes the most sense to me.  I mean, come on, it's hormones.

Since this year began and I changed my diet I've been so proud of how much control I've had over my eating.  You guys all know that I have a rough time when it comes to food and food control and I've had clear control of it this whole year.

Until I went off birth control.

I now know why all of these women are on the message boards asking for help in losing weight.  I seriously feel like I'm having PMS all the time.  

Anyway, the point is, it's something I'm going to have to work on/figure out/battle.  And battle I shall.

What I did this week:

1.  I earned about 10 AP.  I did three Ripped in 30 workouts.  I'm continuing to aim for five per week.

2.  I ate 231 points.  My goal every week is around the 210 mark (+/- 5 points).  While I didn't go over my given points for the week (daily + weekly), I did NOT eat the most wholesome foods.  Wait for #4, you'll see what I mean.

3.  Water = great!

4.  What I ate.  First the good:  potato and leek soup, deviled eggs, apricot ham, sushi and homemade larabars.  And the bad:  went out to eat TWICE.  I stuck to my allergen list and even split meals with my boyfriend.  It was still just not in my best interest weight loss wise.  We had Mexican (think chips and salsa) one night and then went to a regular Americana restaurant and split a chicken dish.  Also these were regular restaurants and I know that allergens snuck into my dishes which isn't in MY best interest (I get inflamed, bloated, and sick when this happens).  In addition, I found some gluten free, organic blah blah blah cheese puffs (NO NO NO).  Note to self:  you have no control over these things.  What else?  My cravings tended to be more carb related so I also made some Thai noodles and macaroni and cheese on two separate occasions.  These are very heavy dishes.  I think I literally weighed myself down this week by eating too many carbs.  When I say too many carbs I mean too many carbs for me :)

And to give you a peak into the week we're in.  It's still an on going battle.  In fact, it's worse.  I think that's why I've put off writing this post because I'm struggling.  The current week we're in isn't going any better than last week.  The scale keeps going up and the cravings continue. Part of me has been waiting for things to "regulate" and go away on their own.  But I've now realized I will have to make a conscious effort to take control of things.  So that's where I'm at right now. 

But here's the thing.

Messing up doesn't mean I've messed everything up.  It just means I've learned something new.  It also means I'm human and sometimes it's nice to be reminded of that.  I don't have to be perfect at this process because being perfect is impossible.  I just have to be present at all times in order to make the best decisions for me.

And right now the best decision for me is to take my diet down to the basics.  I'm going to be tightening up my food choices in an effort to try to help get my body back to normal.  I really believe that food is one way I can help get my hormones back on track.  And regardless of hormones, I just feel better when I'm eating crazy clean.

I'm going to continue to eat gluten, dairy and soy free but I need to tighten up the reigns on it.  That means eating out needs to be at specific places (hello Hugo's) or not at all.  I'm also going to cut out my beloved Kettle Chips.  Just for a little bit.  Just until I have a handle on things.  I also am going to cut out sugar.  I've allowed myself dark chocolate and dairy free ice cream on several occasions and I think with my cravings in full swing it's probably best to not "feed the beast" by eating unnecessary sugar.  And lastly, carbs.  I don't believe carbohydrates are the devil or that you shouldn't eat them.  I just know I'm carb sensitive and need to watch my servings and so I'm going to go back to eating grains (gluten free pasta, rice, and any baked good I make like pizza) on the weekends only.  Don't worry, during the week I allow myself plenty of carbs in the form of vegetables or fruit.

And that's the plan.

Wish me luck.

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