Monday, June 24, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 40

Weigh In: +1.8 pounds

I'm late again!  I had an amazing week and weekend and I'm already looking forward to Friday.

So I ate a lot of food, got in some great workouts, and gained a few pounds.  I was expecting the gain so I'm not too surprised or shocked.  Actually my last post was a huge motivator for myself and things feel pretty good right now.

Lets hope it lasts ;)

But seriously, I really do feel like I'm in a good head space and I'm excited for things to come.

Lets talk about this past week:

What I did:

1.  I earned 9 AP.  Yikes - that means only TWO Ripped in 30 workouts.

2.  I ate 297 points.  Well I do believe that might be a record.  Or at least the most I've eaten in a given week this year.

3.  I was on course with my water (whew!!  I at least hit one of my goals!!)

4.  What I ate.  Lets see.  I discovered yet another restaurant that offers up what I now to consider to be my favorite gluten free pizza - Zach's.  So kids, if you're in the Los Angeles area, give it a try.  While it's a wonderful discovery, I ate it twice.  Sometimes twice is a little hard on the points bank.  I went to a local Mexican restaurant and shared some wonderful nachos with some amazing friends ... also twice ;)  Along with those nachos, I had some fine cocktails (helloooo points!).  However, it was an amazing time and I'm so happy I went.  I went to a work party to hob-knob with my clients and again spent some points on cocktails.  Man, to be honest, it's easy to spend points when a single beer costs as much as 5-6 points.  Moving on.  I also made a really great beef stew in my crock pot, a lovely ham, and a simple bowl of spaghetti.  There were other little things but those were probably the big ticket items.

It was a great week.  I was busy almost every single day, had some really great times with my friends.  And the work party wasn't so bad either!  Yes, I indulged, but I'm happy.  I'm back on my horse and looking forward to this week.  I feel like I took a mini vacation from myself!  Whatever it was, I woke up refreshed yesterday and ready to get back in the game.

Tonight will be my 10th workout for Level/Workout #1 of Ripped in 30.  I didn't stick to my 5 day/week schedule like I had planned.  Actually it took me 19 days to get in 10 workouts.  My bad.  As I was doing my workout yesterday (which was AMAZING), I made a mental note to pay more attention and be better about scheduling my workouts.  I really want to see some progress with this program.  It's much harder than the 30 Day Shred so I think I could achieve amazing results.  I just need to put in a little more effort.  So that's my main goal for the rest of this week and the weeks to come.

Today's Menu:
B:  coffee / sunflower seeds
L:  sweet potato noodles + veggies + chicken
D:  bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches

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