Friday, October 5, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 3: Measurements and Weigh In

I truly believe that I could have the most perfect, healthy diet and it wouldn't be enough for me to lose weight.  Now, I can't substantiate that claim, it's just a gut feeling I have ;)

Working out is so important.  Especially strength training.  And it wasn't until I did p90x that I realized how awesome it REALLY is.  I mean, I read the studies, I knew the facts.  But, after doing p90x and watching my waist lose inches like crazy, I was a believer.

I started p90x with a waist of 41 inches.  And in that first week of p90x I lost 2.5 inches.  Yes, 2.5 INCHES - just off my waist!

And as of today:

Waist:  34
Chest:  42
Rib:  34
Belly Button:  35
Hip: 43
Thigh at knee: 18
Thigh: 23.5

(original measurements below:)
Waist:  41
Chest:  43
Rib:  35
Belly Button:  42.5
Hip:  46
Thigh at knee:  19
Thigh:  25.25

That's 7 inches now just off of my waist.  I love it!  And my belly button area - that's a loss of 7.5 inches too!   What I'm finding lately is that my waist/hip area is losing slower but my legs are now starting to tone up.  And honestly, I don't care how my body chooses to lose, as long as it keeps losing.

And speaking of losing.  Today was my weigh-in.  I did NOT lose 3.8 pounds.  I lost 1.2 pounds.  I'm really happy with that.

How did I do w/ my goals?
I did NOT get my 20 AP.  I got in 15AP but I swapped out eating points instead of earning AP.  I don't really count that goal as a victory but since I couldn't workout I chose to eat less than normal on a couple of days and I'm happy I had control of everything to do that.

I got my water in!  YEAH

I got ONE strength training workout in.  Not bad but not a complete victory either.


50%.  I got in 50% of my goals.

Now for this week's goals.  I'm going for the same four again.  I WILL complete them all eventually.
1.  20 AP
2.  Water EVERY DAY
4.  Strength train 2 Days

Today's menu:
B:  1 egg + 2 slices reduced calorie bread + Coffee
L:  Restaurant:  vegetable salad + nacho appetizer (shared w/ boyfriend)
D:  Tomato Bisque + Wheat Thins and Cream Cheese
Dessert:  Pomegranate and Coconut Pinkberry yogurt topped w/ fresh raspberries

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