Friday, October 12, 2012

I Weighed In Anyways

I figured why the hell not.  I was quite aware of the negativeness (is that even a word?) of my points so why not face the results.

I gained 3.4 pounds.

And somehow miraculously, it didn't send me into a negative tailspin.  It made me excited for a new week, a new set of points, and a new chance to kick some ass.  It's a challenge and I love me some challenges.  I want to get rid of those 3.4 pounds and then some this week.

Oh, and just for full disclosure.  I was negative 87 for the week.  Yes, I tracked every last thing I ate.

Wait, I forgot something.  Hold on.  Make that negative 90.

I want to mention that even though I'm pretty sure hardly anyone is reading any of this, it's still kind of hard to admit things like negative points and weight gain.  And while seeing a gain is hard on anyone who's trying to lose weight, it's even harder to admit to others when you fail.  Especially when you HAVEN'T been doing everything right.  But I really want to try to become better at admitting when I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  I'm a perfectionist by nature.  I HATE failing more than anything.  And if I can toot my own horn for a second, I'm usually pretty good at EVERYTHING I try.  Everything but weight loss.  Seriously, I've been on this earth 30 some years and this is the one battle I can't seem to get the edge on.

But I'm trying anyways.  And I want to be honest about my wins as well as my losses.  Cause fibbing about it won't do me any good.  And who knows, maybe my failure will help someone else.

So for those of you that are reading,  I ate too much last week.  I ate too much and was -90 points.  And I knew that I was doing it.  And yes, there were alternative, healthier options but I chose otherwise.  And if I want losses, I need to choose better.  End of story.

As for my other goals, I did not do my best on the water intake for the first half of the week but I quickly got back into the swing of it once my guests left and my life went back to normal.  Also, I did NOT get 20 Activity Points in.

I got 21!!

And with that victory, I'll bid you good day.

Today's menu:
B:  1 egg + 2 egg whites + 2 slices reduced calorie bread + 1 slice RF cheese + COFFEE
L:  big veggie salad + tuna salad + dressing + banana
D:  ?

Will someone please tell me to go grocery shopping already?

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