Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 6: Weigh-in and Goals

Official weigh-in:  +0.2 pounds.

While I would prefer the loss here are reasons why I'm happy with the week:

1.  I tracked everything.  EVERYTHING.  Every piece of Halloween candy that somehow made it into my mouth along with all the really good things I ate.

2.  I earned 24 Activity Points.  So according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 2400 calories this week.  That's two thousand four hundred!  **note for other ww members out there:  I track activity points by giving myself 1 AP for every 100 calories I burn**

3.  I ran out of Weekly and Activity Points and still managed to plan it so that I did NOT end the week in negative points.

And here are things I will work on:

1.  I need a better ratio of candy to vegetables :)  Seriously though, looking back over the week I can see a few places where it would have been better had I swapped a few points plus items for vegetables or fruit.  I have felt heavy and bloated all week and I know this is the reason why.

2.  My water intake.  I started running again recently and that means I need to step it up with water.  I get really dehydrated when I run. This would probably also help with the bloat.

3.  Usually every week I tend to eat something during the weekend that doesn't necessarily fit into the healthy guidelines.  This past week, that treat came out a couple of times during the week days.  There's nothing wrong with having treat meals, but I can't let them keep replacing good, healthy, TASTY meals that I've planned for the week.

And as always, track EVERYTHING (especially if I go over) and get at least 20 activity points.

Today's Menu:

B:  Whole Wheat Pancakes + egg/egg white + Coffee + bacon + maple syrup (9 pts)
S:  apple (0 pts)
L:  Ground Beef and Vegetable Soup (made by yours truly:  5 pts)
D:  ???

Weight Loss to Date:  10 pounds

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