Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 6: I'm Starving

I don't know what it is but I am hungry.  Not bored.  Not stressed.  Hungry.  And it's been going on for days.

Maybe it's because my exercise is getting more intense due to being able to run again (I always burn way more calories running) or it's just one of those weeks.

I've been good and tracked everything so far.  I've earned over 20 Activity Points and after today I'll have another 3 under my belt if everything goes according to plan.  However, I've eaten all of my Weekly Points (49) AND as of right now, the 20 Activity Points I've already earned. 

I have seriously become a master of optimizing what points I have left.  Fruits and vegetables are my best friends this week due to their 0 point content. 

Tomorrow is my weigh-in.  I mean, hopefully I'll lose some weight but honestly I just want my points to roll over so I can have a little extra for dinner ;)

Today's Menu:
B:  Whole Wheat Pancakes + egg/egg white + 2 slices bacon + coffee
L:  Cajun Chicken Pasta
S:  Apple
D:  Giant Salad with Vegetables + Crab Salad + Chopped Apple **gonna keep it light for WI tomorrow!**

** NOTE:  I made a REALLY GREAT cajun chicken pasta this week.  Seriously, it's crazy good.   I linked the website I got it from in my menu.  Check it out, it's a really great resource for food ideas/recipes.  The author of the website gives the nutritional information for all her dishes along with old and new WW points.  However, on a couple of the recipes I've used the recipe builder and have come up with a different amount of points than what was listed.  So just a word of caution - any time you find a recipe online or anywhere even if it has nutritional info listed, always use the recipe builder using the ingredients that YOU are going to use.  It just might change things .. drastically.

For instance, her cajun chicken pasta was listed as 8 points plus - I put it in my recipe builder and had to finagle it to just get it to 10 points plus.  And while it's only a 2 point difference.  2 points can really add up day after day!


  1. I'm a fellow weight watcher. I am routing for you.
    Good luck on your weigh in.

    1. I really appreciate that!! Good luck to you too!


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