Friday, July 12, 2013

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 43

Happy Friday everyone!!

I trust everyone had a fantastic week.  Since I had the day off of work on Monday I had a short work week therefor my week was very awesome.

Now lets get down to business - since I did not weigh in last Friday my report today will be the difference between week 41 and today.

Drum-roll please ....

Weigh In:  -0.6 pounds


The last we met, I had mentioned a sneak peek at my scale revealed a larger than usual gain.  And I believe the number I reported was 7 pounds.  Well look at what I did with some crazy clean eating.  I was able to offset my awesome holiday weekend bloat AND edge in a loss for the week!  

What did I do exactly?

Lets take a look shall we?

1.  I earned 0.5 AP.  :)  I did that one 5 minute workout over the holiday weekend.  Don't worry.  I have a big exercise post coming up either tonight or tomorrow.

2.  I don't know my total points for the week because I did not track Friday thru Monday.  However, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I ate around 26-28 points per day.

3.  My water started slipping just a bit but I picked it up by the end of the week. 

4.  What did I eat?  Well starting July 4th  and thru the weekend, I loosened my reigns and splurged a little.  Or maybe a lot would be a better word for it.  Yes, I'm definitely going with a lot.  I ate out at restaurants, I ate at barbecues, I had plenty of cocktails.  Some of the food was what I usually eat, however, MOST of it was not.   A few examples:  I had doritos, Baskin Robbins ice cream, and candy bars at the movie theater!! I even had fast food for the first time this year during that time frame.  I had a Big Mac and guess what?  While I was eating it I made note to my boyfriend that while it was REALLY good, I didn't think it was THAT much better than the version I created.  I was pretty happy about that discovery.  That being said, McDonald's french fries are awesome and I bow to their greatness.  (Sidenote:  This fast food item was the LAST thing I ate before I took that "sneak peek" at the scale and that's why I was not too shocked to see that 7 pound swing - - hello sodium bloat!).  The bad food pretty much made up my menu Friday - Monday.  Then I started my Whole30 Tuesday.  And then I made:  pan fried salmon with peach salsa, balsamic marinated skirt steak with zucchini and mushrooms, creamy chicken and artichoke soup (this was my version of the one served at the Cheesecake Factory - just a tip:  if you ever go to Cheesecake Factory and the soup of the day is their chicken and artichoke soup, get it.  you won't regret it).  My version is dairy free, sugar free, and grain free to meet my Whole30 requirements - and STILL was so amazing.  The boyfriend even made it his #1 favorite soup that I've made thus far.  :)  What else?  I also made a sweet potato hash with italian sausage and quiche muffins.  All of my dishes complied with my Whole30 rules and were pretty awesome.

 So a pretty good week.

I'm still on my Whole30.  Today is day #4.  I've had a few sugar cravings but nothing I can't handle.  Really the only thing I keep thinking about are Milky Way candy bars.  Which is odd because I don't really eat them.  Ever.

Have a great weekend!!

Today's Menu:
B: sweet potato hash + italian sausage
L: chicken and artichoke soup
D: balsamic steak + zucchini + mushrooms + apple (for dessert)

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