Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Slim in 6: Reboot

I started this a little over 2 weeks ago but I'm calling a Mulligan.

Getting sick last week really threw me off schedule and I hate that so I'm starting over.  Because honestly, it's just going to bug me when I finish because I won't feel like I really "finished".

So, I woke up this morning before work and did my new day #1. 

It was invigorating.  I kid, I'm a monster in the morning.  Waking up in the morning is my kryptonite.  It's horrible. 

However, on those special days when I do manage to wake up early, I always am glad I did.  

I did the first workout which is entitled "Start it Up"

A couple of things about this workout:

First the good:

1.  It's just over 25 minutes so it's not too time consuming.
2.  It does not require any equipment.
3.  The "choreography" is super easy.
4.  You will, in fact, feel a burn.  Especially if, like me, it's been a bit since you last worked out.
5.  According to my HRM I burned 200 calories. 
6.  The whole program is only 6 weeks!

Now the bad:

1.  It's kind of boring.
2.  It's kind of easy.
3.  It's 6 weeks of this!

I remember why I both like and hate these DVDs.  The good is that with the smallest movements you will definitely feel a burn:  in your shoulders, arms, legs, abs.  I remember the first time I did these workouts I thought "wow, these work".  But I also remember why I never fully finished the series.

Because I got bored.

But the fact of the matter is I need to build a base.  I can't just jump back into my old routine.  It would be too much.  And I need something that will keep it slow and easy until I'm ready and I believe this is it.

So, I'm doing it!  The entire 6 weeks.  And I'll blog as much as I can to let you know how it's going.  I have my initial measurements ready to go and I'll be throwing those up here in a week or so.

I had to google the schedule for this program because the calendar that came with it doesn't really have that much information on it.  From what I've found, I'm to do the Start It Up DVD for one week, the Ramp it Up workout for 2 weeks and then the Burn it Up DVD for the last 3 weeks.   Or, I've also read that you're just supposed to move to the next DVD when you feel "ready".  I think I'm going to go with the schedule.  I like to be told what to do.

In addition, it also comes with a "Slim and 6 Pack" workout and a "Slim and Limber" workout.  You're supposed to do the 6 pack DVD 3 times a week and the Limber DVD every day.

And that's it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Today's Menu:
B:  beef stew + coffee
L:  vegetable soup + apple + pb
D:  eggs + hash brown casserole

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