Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Slim in 6: Week 2

I made it to week two so you know what that means?

It's time to 'Ramp it Up'.

Yeah, that's the title of the second DVD.

But before I start talking about the second DVD lets take a look back at how I did with week 1 and 'Start it Up'.

I did all 6 (yes, SIX) workouts exactly as prescribed.  I can honestly say it got better.  I've decided that 25-30 minutes is probably the perfect amount of time for working out.  You get in a good workout and on those days when you're not "feeling it", it's not that hard to make it through 30 minutes.  Anyway, by workout #6 I definitely felt like I had made some progress.  Not so much in how I looked but more in how I felt.  It feels like I accomplished just a tiny bit of tightening here and there.  Nothing major but definitely enough to make me feel good.

I took my measurements and while I personally don't think 1 week is enough to tell a major difference, I can report that I lost inches in 3 areas.  0.5" in my ribs (I measure right under my bust for this), 0.5" in my upper thigh, and 0.25" from the area right above my knee.

I was both surprised and pleased.  Pleased because, lets face it, it's awesome to lose some inches.  Surprised because while I feel pretty good I still don't see any difference in the mirror.

As far as weight goes, so far this week I am continuing to gain.  I haven't changed my eating at all so the only correlation I can make is that it has to do with working out.  Yes, this was one of my fears so part of me is freaking out.  However, the other part of me understands this happens so I'm not trying to let it be too overwhelming. 

Now lets talk about 'Ramp it Up'

It's just over 47 minutes long and it requires the use of exercise bands (but I don't see any reason why small dumbbells wouldn't work).

For being almost double the time of the 1st DVD, this one moves along pretty fast.  She moves you from one exercise to the next pretty quickly so the first 20 minutes kind of go by fast (yeah!).  The first portion is almost the same as the Start It Up, easy choreography and familiar moves.  Then she moves on to using the bands for some light toning on your shoulders, biceps and triceps.  All the moves are really easy and as long as you do them correctly you feel it working.  Then you do a nice little floor workout (you know, Tae Bo style ... on all fours lifting your legs in the air one at a time til your buttocks are burning from the effort), some abdominal work and finally a small yoga portion for stretching at the end.

And that's it.

I burned around 300 calories with this DVD (according to my HRM) but I was very much going at my own pace. Your miles may vary.

Tonight is Day #2 of my second week of Slim in 6.  I'm doing Ramp it Up for 2 weeks total and then I'll move on.

Until Then ...

Today's Menu:

B:  pea rice protein + almond milk + ice
L:  bison chil:  bison + carrots + tomato + onion + red pepper + beans (lots) + my special blend of 11 herbs and spices (chili seasoning) + diaya for garnish
D:  vegetable quesadilla:  assortment of veggies + daiya + brown rice tortilla

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