Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 26 - p90x Measurements

Today is:

Day 5 of Week 4 of Phase 1 or
Day 26 of 90

Either way, I'm almost 1/3 of the way thru the program!

I made a little chart of all of my measurements to date.  Quick explanation:  where you see hash marks means that I hadn't started taking measurements for that particular body part yet.  And the ? means that I forgot to do that this morning so I will do it tonight!

Day 1 8 18 26 TOTAL LOST
Waist 41" 38.5" 37.25" 36.5" 4.5"
Chest 43" 43" 43" ? ?
Left Arm 14" 13.5" 13.5" 13.5" .5"
Neck - 13.5" 13" 13" .5"
Rib - 35" 34.5" 34.5" .5"
Belly Button - 42.5" 42.5" 40" 2.5"
Hip - 46" 45.5" 45" 1"
Left Leg-Knee - 19" 19.5" 18.5" .5"
Left Leg-Upper - 26.25" 25.25" 25.25" 1"

11" Lost

Even though I've been losing inches this whole time, I didn't REALLY feel it until this past week.  I definitely felt FIRMER but also kind of bulky at the same time.  This week though, I'm definitely feeling smaller all around.

 As for my weight.  I went up 0.4 pounds this week but am still down 1.2 pounds since the beginning.  Honestly, as long as my measurements keep going down I'm not going to pay so much attention to the scale.

As for my body fat.  I had taken a preview 2 days ago and it was down almost 2%.  That's why I was so excited to post it.  However, this morning crazy things were happening.  I took it 3 times and I got these readings:  30.4%, 34%, 38%  -- and I took them right in a row.  I always take 3 readings for my body fat and just average them out but it usually only varies by 0.1 - 0.3.  So, I don't know what to tell you.  Maybe the batteries are going.  I never thought of that - I'll change them out and try again tomorrow morning.  I'll do the 3 readings, take the average and just right it down I guess.

Today's menu:

I'm out of food again!!!

B:  ww english muffin +PB
S:  Cottage Cheese
L:  Tuna Fish + ww bread

That's all I got so far - I tried to make a protein shake but left my container somewhere and couldn't blend it.

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