Monday, April 9, 2012

Holidays and Bathing Suits

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I had a pretty good time but I really wish there was at least one holiday that didn't revolve around eating! 

We were fortunate here in SoCal to have amazing weather so the holiday event I was attending naturally turned into a pool party.  Good times.  Once I found out, I honestly had no intention of participating in the swimsuit portion, but since I had just taken my measurements and was feeling pretty good I thought "Let's just see".  So I got out my bathing suits and just stared at them.  I haven't had one on since last August and even then it wasn't a pleasant event.  I finally put one on and it wasn't so bad.  And before I could let my thoughts get the best of me, I got ready and left for the party.  I didn't get in the pool, the water was a little chilly, but I did take off my shorts and let the sun hit my legs.  I probably would have gone further as I was feeling confident but one of my friends (a male no less) got out his camera.  Men just don't think about things like unflattering pictures.  EVER.  They also don't blink before tagging you in something on Facebook.

Still, it was small victory for me indeed.  One of the things I REALLY want to accomplish this year is going to the beach and pool more.  The last 2 summers I've allowed myself to avoid being in a bathing suit because of my body and that's just not cool.  I've always been a bigger girl but I've never allowed myself to feel uncomfortable in my bathing suit.  Yes, there have been times when I've had to take a second or two before I removed my cover up but I always remind myself that there is nothing wrong with how I look.  I'm constantly trying to get healthy and as long as I'm fighting the good fight I shouldn't be ashamed. 


All in all it was a good weekend  I indulged with my friends but I certainly plan to make up for it this week.  I finished week 3 of p90x strong.  Maybe too strong.  I did legs and back on Saturday before the party and I am STILL feeling it.

Today starts day 1 of Week 4.  I am pleased with how things are going so far but there is no doubt in my mind that I need to kick everything up a notch.  This week I'm going to concentrate on hitting my calorie level (1500) and my calorie burn (400).  I looked over the last 3 weeks and I have yet to hit that 1500 mark solidly so I want one good week in there.

Today's menu:

B:  left it at home!
S:  banana + PB
L:  1/2 turkey sandwich + salad
S:  almonds
D:  ham + green beans + roasted carrots

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