Monday, April 2, 2012

Sad News and Week 3 of p90x

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I did not win the lottery.  Such a shame too.   I could've done some great things with that money ;)

Today marks Day 1 of Week 3 of p90x.  Honestly, it went by really fast.  And in full disclosure, week 2 was a little weird for me.  I did 4 out of the 6 planned workouts.  As I mentioned before I missed YogaX on Thursday and instead of doing KenpoX on Sunday I went hiking instead.  And for whatever reason it makes me feel like I ruined something.  I'm sure it's ok.  I hit my calorie burn and more importantly it was nice to be outside.

I feel good about this week.  I'm ready to keep moving forward because the workouts are making me feel stronger.   The only complaint I have is about the level of cardio.  When I was hiking on Sunday I noticed that it was a little harder than I anticipated.  My muscles were ready and willing but my breath was more labored than I was used too.  So I MIGHT switch out a cardio workout.  I'm not positive yet.  For instance, there is one workout of pure cardio in this program (CardioX) and I might switch that out for running (which I love).  I will do a little internet research and see what other people say about the situation.  I mean, maybe there's a method to the madness that I'm not aware of.  I've noticed people like to be all mysterious about this program - they like to say "oh just wait until Day 68 and you'll understand"

Well, why not tell me at Day 15 what that thing is and let me decide if it's what's right for me.  Why waste 40 some days?  In any case I'll look.

My eating for week 2 didn't feel ideal either.  Monday - Friday were pretty good.  No real complaints there but I ran out of food earlier than normal which did cause some problems for the weekend.  Also, my cheat meal (which I had on Saturday this week) was way out of control.  I definitely need to set boundaries for that, so lesson learned.

I did a little more planning for this week and have already made some dishes for the week.  I cooked up some Italian Beef Stew.

And I fixed a seafood chowder for lunch and made sure that I was covered for almost every meal.  I usually give myself some more leeway but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

Today's menu:

B:  Egg Sandwich + Coffee + Creamer
S:  Cottage Cheese + Chopped Tomato +  Basil + Balsamic Glaze
L:  Chowder + Garden Salad + Dressing
S:  Almonds
D:  Italian Stew

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