Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 5 p90x

It's been an interesting week 5.  I've learned one important thing this week:  this program probably works best if you get adequate sleep.  I know I mentioned earlier how I was running on fumes and that trend continued until last night.  I went to bed at 9pm and slept like a log.

I WILL be working on getting adequate sleep starting Monday.  I just need to figure out my workweek workout schedule better.  In other words, I need to stop doing my workout at 11pm at night ;)

As for the first week of Phase 2, all I can say is so far so good.  I'm on the classic schedule now so I've done two new strength workouts this week.  Monday I did Chest, Shoulders, and Tris and Wednesday was Chest and Back.  I'll admit, I felt like a beast after both of those workouts.  Monday's was tons of pushups and Wednesday were the pull-ups so you can imagine.  And when I say beast I just mean that by the end of both workouts my upper body was quite fatigued and the blood was pumping through my arms so mentally my entire upper body felt HUGE.  I seriously felt like the incredible hulk, that at any moment I'd flex everything and rip my shirt.  However, my boyfriend laughed at me when I pointed it out to him because apparently I looked the same. 

Tonight is Legs and Back and I don't mind one bit because I actually like this workout.  It's a killer for the legs and I definitely see a big difference in my legs, thighs and butt because of it.  I actually just noticed yesterday that I'm starting to look much better in my jeans.  The area that is lovingly referred to as saddlebags on women, that area is getting very narrow.  I didn't have very pronounced saddlebags to begin with since I tend to carry my extra fat evenly all over my body so noticing that means that everything is probably shrinking.  So, yay!

I haven't been very good with the other workouts.  Tuesday was supposed to be plyo but as I said earlier, I skipped that day because I went running and I was so tired.  And yesterday was supposed to be yoga.  No need for me to express my sentiments on the yoga workout so all I will say is I went to the gym instead.  So I DID workout I just didn't do the planned workouts.  Next week I will DEFINITELY be doing plyo because I'm actually eager to try it out.  I just need to learn not to go running on the day it's planned.

As for yoga.  I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever do that one again.  I know people tout left and right how great it is for you and how you need to just power through it but I don't see the point of forcing myself to do something I hate.  I mean, you'll have a greater likelihood of sticking to a workout if you like it so I'd rather do something I like instead of forcing myself to endure 90 minutes of pure torture.

Just a thought.

This week's eating was not perfect but definitely pretty stellar.  I did NOT hit my 50%/30%/20%.  I tried and failed.  I did, however, hit around a 30/30/30 most days of the week and that's honestly not too bad.  Also, I lowered my calories.  I had initially planned on getting 1500 calories per day.  Well, I added up my calories for the first 30 days and realized I'd been hitting closer to 1750 calories per day.  And with a margin of error that is BOUND to happen when one counts their calories - that number could be off by another 100 calories (give or take) per day. 

So starting the 16th I started aiming for the 1350-1450 calorie range.  I've also been making sure to log EVERY SINGLE thing I eat because honestly, those little bites add up quick.  I hadn't been that mindful before so I really wanted to take some time to make sure I was being honest about how much I was eating.  I mean, if I'm putting this much effort into my workouts I definitely don't want to sabotage myself by not putting equal effort into my eating.

Today's Menu:

B:  2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, 2 pieces toast, coffee+creamer

Yeah, since I went to bed at 9pm last night, I woke up earlier than usual and had ample time to make breakfast, sit down with my coffee and watch some of my taped programming.  It was quite nice.  I wanted to eat a bigger breakfast this morning because I have been doing just a protein shake and I've been STARVING  by 11am.  So, I took some calories from my lunch and mid-afternoon snack to give to breakfast to see if it would hold me over better.  Hopefully it wasn't in vain.

S:  Buffalo jerky
L:  Quinoa salad, Roasted Turkey Breast and Fresh Mozzarella roll-ups

D:  Might be Shrimp and Vegetable Curry with Brown rice

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