Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 6 p90x and CALORIES

My apologies for not posting sooner.

I am officially in week 6 of p90x.  Week 5 rounded out ok.  I got 6 workouts in, 3 of which were p90x approved.  I did all of the strength exercises and did my own cardio workouts for the week.  I had to adjust due to time constraints/life, whatever you want to call it.  I figure it was better to get in some kind of workout but in all honesty, none of the workouts were at the intensity they should have been.  Which might explain why I've been in a rough patch these last few days.

I haven't felt like I'm making the progress I'm supposed to.  I know I've lost inches, I THINK I look different in the mirror, but I think I'm in the mindset of MORE MORE MORE.  I just want to wake up tomorrow morning and go "well, look at that, I lost 15 pounds overnight" ;)

I'm halfway thru and I'm sure this is the point where a lot of people lose their focus and give up but not to worry, that's not me.  I'm going to finish this one.

So lets talk about things.  So far this week has been amazing.  I really tightened up on the logging of my food which is ever so useful.  I write down EVERYTHING which is very important.  I've got 2 workouts under my belt one which was new.  I did the plyometrics last night.  I was a little nervous because you hear things about these workouts.  But I LOVED it.  I was able to do the entire workout.  I only had to modify a few moves but man was it a good workout.  It was challenging but doable and I blasted over 500 calories according to my polar FT7.  This morning my legs feel like jelly but that's ok.

Speaking of calories - I'm trying yet another calorie range.  I'm trying to find that "sweet spot" because I have NOT lost any scale weight.  My weight fluctuates between starting weight and it'll go up or down by 1 or 2 pounds, which I'm taking as maintaining.  Now, before anyone spouts that since I'm losing inches I must be gaining muscle and losing fat I'm not going to dispute that theory but at some point my weight will HAVE to start going down.  To give some insight, according to the calculations for the program I should be eating 1800 calories.  I'm 5'2" and I started at 185.  I had my RMR tested a few years ago and it was 1235 which at the time was 18% lower than what it should have been.  EVERYBODY'S metabolism is different.  So I was a little weary of eating 1800 calories therefore  I set a goal of 1500.  Fast forward 6 weeks and since I keep track of calories and such, I can tell you that I have been averaging 1770/day.  WHAT?? That's not 1500.

I know right?

It's true, you do need food to fuel these workouts but you have to be careful cause there were days I just wanted to EAT.  Obviously.  So I looked over my numbers and found on the weeks I netted around 1250/day on average, I lost more.  That's where we are today.  I am aiming to have my daily net be 1250-1300.  So for example, if I eat 1600 calories for the day but burn 375 during my Legs and Back routine, I NET 1225.  Easy enough.  Therefore on my rest day, I'll just eat 1250-1300 (god willing!).

 Also, the calorie calculations for p90x say to add 600 calories per workout.  I haven't found that to be the case so far.  I wear my HRM every time and like I said above, that plyo was the first workout to hit over 500 calories.  And even when I do legs and back (my favorite and I really hit it hard) I'm hitting under 400 calories for the workout.  I feel like that's important info especially if any women are out there trying to figure out calories.  HOWEVER, I do think that if this is your first time REALLY working out hard, then you'd probably burn more than me.  I've already got a pretty good fitness base underneath me.

Today's Menu:

B:  Shakeology (first time using!)
S:  PR Bar
L:  Turkey Burger
D:  Maybe some sort of awesome mexican-like dish

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